Sunday, June 03, 2012


"April? How is it April?" Oh, gosh, I was so innocently idealistic about my blogging intentions back then...

So here we are, June 3, nearly two months later, and I realize that part of the problem is that I feel the need to catalog things here, and if I can't tell you everything that's going on, I ain't gonna tell you nothin'.

I'm over it.

So one thing I will tell you is that I'm overwhelmingly behind in my paperwork at work, which I believe to be a function of (mostly) my insurmountable anxiety. So of course the report I finished yesterday was due last Wednesday, and I have to get it in to the Raleigh office intranet ASAP, and of course that cannot be done remotely, and so I saddled up the iron horse and rode to the Raleigh office, where I had high hopes of spending a quiet Sunday afternoon alone banging out a report that I need to turn in tomorrow but probably should've handed in last week. But of course, the Raleigh office also has THE SLOWEST EFFING COMPUTERS KNOWN TO MAN,  which would not cooperate AT ALL. I finally got the report uploaded, and bugged the heck out. I dropped in on the H-D dealership next door (I discovered this am that an insignificant piece had fallen off my bike, but felt the need to replace it. It was so insignificant they didn't even charge me) and ran past the state farmers market (down the street, only slightly farther. I'm going to miss this office) to replace a plant I killed (they didn't have it; I bought salsa instead), and then headed back home. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day for a ride.

Can I just tell you? I can say with absolute certainty now - I love my motorcycle.

It was entertaining me today on the ride home how the inside of my head alternates between "Why don't I ride everywhere?", "Please don't hit me!!", and "My ass is sore/I need a new seat/I need saddlebags/why doesn't this thing have a clock/I need a new helmet/why can't I wear goggles/why don't I have highway pegs/the first thing I'm going to do when I have more money is buy a new seat, no, saddlebags, no, wait, I should probably get the electrical issue fixed first so I don't have to leave it plugged in all the time/do I need new tires?" etc.

I tried listening to music on the ride today. I have an earbud I use for my GPS. Lots of riders do it (they even make bluetooth helmets) and frankly I don't know that it's any more inappropriate than in a car. It's not like you can hear much of the outside world anyway, between the engine and the wind. But I turned it off about five miles in. I just didn't like it. Which is interesting, given how much I sing inside my helmet. But it just felt weird. Like it was keeping me out of the zen of riding and impeding me letting my headspace dictate what music accompanied.

Stella (the Sportster) just crossed 1000 miles on her odometer on Thursday (she had 52 when I got her). I'm proud of us.