Thursday, September 06, 2012


Look! We have a kitten!

She's confined to my room right now. She likes me. She's apprehensive of Mags, who's being the best most patient dog on the planet right now, but seems to be warming up to her. She growled at Lucky, but he was super enthusiastic about her. He's stuck outside my door and mewling, begging to come in. Poor muffin. I think she's going to be a nice addition to our no longer so little clan.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

21st century awesomeness

So I bought an iPad today, as a more portable (and cooler) alternative to replacing my agonal laptop. I had some unexpected back pay come through from New State Hospital, and it seemed like a good investment. I also totally reworked my cell plan, so I feel productive and justified in spending much of the rest of the day playing with my new toy....

I've also been keeping my knee elevated. Did I mention I fucked up my right knee? I fell off a motorcycle ten or so days ago....okay. Fine. I tripped over a motorcycle. I sold the Harley in anticipation of buying my friend's bike. Fortunately, he let me borrow it for a day and discover that it's just enough too tall for me that I can't quite keep it upright when it's not moving and the ground isn't flat. So I came to a stop, it tipped, I set it down, and then I tripped over it, is essentially what happened. And, hoping to avoid the traffic in the next lane (turns out there wasn't any, but I didn't know that), I landed squarely on my knees. Which means I had to torque the right one to get it into place. And I think I tore something. So I have an appointment with the sports med guy on Tuesday to figure out what comes next.

Meanwhile, I found myself bikeless. I did a little poking around and ended up buying a less powerful but lovely (and cheaper) Honda Shadow. She's different from Stella, but delightful. I'm thinking of naming her Athena.

There's a lot of newness going around. I'm still working part time, but my position is evolving. I start another new temp job next week, for a month, and then I will be opening my own private practice in addition to the part time job. That's the plan for now, at least. But you know how things go when I plan them....

Also, we're getting a new friend tomorrow night. Her name is going to be Olivia. She's coming over on a trial basis, but we're hoping she and Lucky Lou get to be besties. She's maybe four months old, and wandered up to my friend's house all starving and pathetic. Her older cat housemate isn't tolerating her, but about two days before I heard about her I had a conversation with Jenny about how maybe what Lou needed was a submissive female kitten as a playmate. And then, poof, my friend told me she had to find a new home for Rosy.

How could I resist that? Really though.

Except her recently given name pairs HORRIBLY with my last name. Horribly. Worse than Lucky. Hence - Olivia.

There's a lot of changes going on around here.

Monday, September 03, 2012


So I'm at the beach this weekend with some friends. It's been a rough few months, and my friends have all watched me do a pretty terrible job of taking care of myself while trying to take care of everyone around me. So my friend Sarah invited me to their family beach house this weekend, to get me the heck out of town and be nearer to the healing wonderfulness that is, for me, the beach.

Truthfully, we haven't seen much of the actual beach this weekend. We've walked on it a bit and Maggie and I went out to watch the sun rise yesterday while a big storm was rolling out over the water. It was pretty awesome. Mostly what we did was veg, and tell stories, and read, and knit, and drink fruity things. It's been a very lovely weekend.

Mags and I are packed up and ready to leave after breakfast or so, but we've had a really good time. She and her doggy buddy have spent most of the weekend doing exactly the same thing we have: