Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Red Choo-choo

Hawkeye: Tell me something, Sydney, has my little red choo-choo gone chugging around the bend?
Sydney: You just can't resist tossing around that psychoanalytical jargon, can you?

Have I mentioned that my absolute favorite psychiatrist ever isn't Freud, Klein, Jung, or Kernberg, but in fact Dr. Sydney Freedman from M*A*S*H? (I'm not quite sure what that says about me, but...) And I think one of my favorite episodes is one entitled Dear Sigmund, in which Dr. Freedman makes a visit and ultimately divulges that he lost a patient and is needing some reinforcement from the 4077 crew.

I don't think I ever realized just how hard it is to be the therapist. Y'all, it's exhausting.

Yesterday was a rough, rough day. In fact, it's been a bad week. I haven't been feeling well, and I've had some really difficult patient stuff going on. Which got acutely worse yesterday, really bad, really fast. I'm going to leave it at that for now, because I'm not sure how much I can safely discuss without breaching, well, something (ethics, confidentiality, etc, etc, etc), but, well, no, I'll leave it at this, actually: we often joke about how what most of our kids (and some of our adults) really need is a "parent-ectomy." But when that actually happens, it's never a good thing.


Today, however, has been better. Because she's a goddess, Cleo both noticed I was circling the drain yesterday and offered to swap today's call. And I feel somewhat better than I did this morning. Still a little achey and bleh, but dinner is sitting fairly well. And I tried to be reasonably productive, which, I managed - I got all of my notes up to date some of which were (I'm ashamed to admit this) four months delinquent. Which, my therapy notes always end up being low priority because they don't actually say anything, because anyone in the hospital can access them, and frankly I don't think it's any of Cardiology's business what goes on in our therapy sessions. Anyhow, I'm totally up to date now. And I did a little bit of laundry, and flipped my mattress, and got caught up on some of the blogs I read. And, like I said, I'm less queasy than I started the day, so...we'll see how tomorrow goes. More laundry, some reading, a little grocery shopping, and hopefully a nice nap. I might even try to get to the gym, which I haven't been able to do since Monday...

Friday, February 27, 2009


What a horrible, draining day. I'm sick, and badness happened, and I had all sorts of rough therapy today, and...I'll tell you about it tomorrow (thank GOD, Cleo offered to take my call, so I won't risk vomiting on my patients. Currently, I'm still parked at "queasy and dizzy", but...).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No fries, chips...

Claudia sent this to me. Dared me to knit it.

I pointed out that, duh, that's crochet. We knitters wouldn't bother with such weirdness...

....would we?

(Yeah, that's a knitted model of the GI tract. I dunno, y'all...)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah, you.

You remember way back at the beginning of the year, when I had that poll on the sidebar about whether or not I should do Blog 365 for a second year, and one person actually decided to vote for the option of, "At least spare us the 'I'm so tired but I have to post something' posts!"?

This post is for you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh - and!

Somehow in listing last night's weirdness, I forgot to mention the bulimic who called the crisis line and said he was going to eat himself to death.

No, really. I actually spent a good deal of time considering petitioning him...until he threatened me with Whoppers.

It was a weird day.

Fortunately, Peng showed up for night float and rescued me. I finished my last note, she ordered me to eat dinner (at 11:30, because, whoops, I forgot. Fortunately, girl's got my back). I got to sleep around 1, finally, and got a bit of sleep. I spent most of today running errands - I haven't managed to get the chapter read that I need to present at class tomorrow night, yet, but I did get to Starbucks, then the Lowes Hardware, then the gym, my shrink, the Whole Foods, the PetSmart (my groceries, then Maggie's, as it were), and even hit the Panera for lunch. AND I fixed the flapper on my toilet, so now it's not running through the entire water supply of North Carolina (it's so quiet in here....). And even did some dishes, and made some dinner, and screwed around on Facebook for a while. And still haven't read that chapter I'm supposed to present...but, I think I'm going to bed....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 reasons my life is weird

Three illustrative examples of what my call day has been like. And, remember, I volunteered to stay overnight tonight, smart girl that I am (I actually don't mind, Cleo sounds really sick)....

1. I had to Google "Kazakhstan" for a note. Because I had a kid from there, and I can't spell it without help. She was great - her parents were concerned for a number of valid reasons, but one of their primary worries was how she always said "I don't care" about everything (she's 14. Duh, she "doesn't care"). Her parents get out of the room, one of the first things she says is, "Okay, I actually do care."

2. I just saw a guy in the ER who came into via police in 4-point hard leather restraints. When I went down to see him, he was down to one point. While he was talking to me, he took the zipper pull off his jeans and proceeded to pick the lock on the last cuff, take it off, and sprawl out on the couch (the inflatable rubber couch in the psych room).

3. I cancelled all my patients for clinic tomorrow, right? So I have a lot of them calling me back leaving messages. I get this one message: "Hi, Doc, I'm feeling better, but I need you to call in a prescription for me, I'm going to run out of my meds tomorrow" etc, etc. Went on for two and a half minutes, never actually identified herself.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, to answer the questions of the past few days' comments....

-He he, Julie, no, my trainer's name isn't really Gomer. He's kind of a country boy, and our first couple of interactions were a little rocky, so he got sort of a snarky nickname (although, Gomer was a nice guy, and got his own show in the end!). I've stopped hating him, and he seems to have adapted to me fairly well, too.

-Matthew/Robin, so, here's what our dresses will look like.

Except, floor length, to cover our kick-ass super awesome shoes.

Because Peng rocks.

- Thanks for the bind-off suggestions, y'all. I love the toe-up, but the bin off is invariably a problem. I finished one of my bamboo stitch socks, which I'm making for a friend, on Wednesday. And the rest of the sock was great, but the bind off, which I tried to make loose, was still way too tight. Peng couldn't even get her wee little foot into it. So, much obliged, ladies.

- CM, dude, there is no WAY a girl who works 80 hours a week (and thus is never freakin' home) and her dog, who has no thumbs to turn on the faucet, can possibly go through that much water in a month. The toilet runs like a faucet, yo. Alls I can say is, gosh, it must be nice to have so much money that my landlord can get that water bill and not even notice...

- Okay, a bonus picture of my dog.

I went and had dinner with Peng, and I left Animal Planet on for Ms. Mags. I came home, and discovered that she had brought me a toy.

Poor thing. I'm on call again tomorrow, which was just supposed to be an intern call (i.e., ends at 10), but Cleo is sick and so I'm going to stay overnight. If Mike, who's taking the day portion of her shift, doesn't try to unload the consult work on me, it could be a very nice call indeed. Intern work doesn't usually pick up until later in the day, and then Peng's coming in for night float, so, hopefully I might get some rest...keep your fingers crossed...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bang bang

Love Thursday, in bullets. Er, bullet points...

bI have the world's best dog.
bAlso a rockstar shrink.
bAnd a very comforting mom.
bAnd I'm done driving to the coast for another week.
bAnd it was an amazingly beautiful day at the coast today. BEAUTIFUL.
bI got to go out with our social worker today. I like her. She feeds me lunch.
bI went to the gym despite my really not wanting to and it was a good idea.
bI met nice people at the gym.
bI actually cooked dinner. Pasta primavera (with broccoli, peppers, and then corn and edamame, which don't quite seem to fit, but, whatever). Yummy.
bMy dog is all cuddly and cute. Love her.
bBones is on. Well, via the DVR.
bI finished one sock yesterday. Except...well...does anyone have a suggestion for a stretchy bind-off to use at the top of the sock??
bIt's time for bed. That's the best news yet.
bYep. Those are tiny little bicycles. They amuse me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A whole different Penguin

(This is the back of Peng's wedding dress. Isn't it awesome?? She looks AMAZING in that dress!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Penguins, part II

So you remember my post a couple of days ago about the Macaroni Penguins?

My mom's boss' wife sent her pictures for me of real ones. That they saw. In Argentina, I think.

Proving, as Lorna so aptly pointed out, that moms are always right.

Oh, and here are the salt and pepper shakers they brought back for my mom...

Cute. Not macaroni penguins, but, there may well be some macaroni in their future anyway.

Monday, February 16, 2009


So I spent most of my day fixing stuff. Fortunately, I was on with Sparrow last night, so I got some sleep. I left the hospital and went to see my shrink (self-troubleshooting, as it were), and then I went to the Verizon store, where they promptly decided they had to do a hard reboot on my phone, because my voicemail wasn't working. So they erased everything off my phone (fortunately, they managed to back up my contacts...), and I spent much time over the rest of the day getting my phone back to the way I had it before (including a second trip to the Verizon store because I lost my email). While they were rebooting my phone, I went to the New Balance store because my shoes were loud and squeaky. I walked in, they all looked at me and were like, oh. And this guy disappears into the back and comes out with a bottle of baby powder and a bottle of hand lotion. And the manager is like, "no, use that Body Glide stuff!" (which I, um, totally misinterpreted, although fortunately only in my head. Apparently it's for runners and such). So they slathered that on my insoles, and finally, I'm able to sneak up on people again.

I got home around 12:30 (Maggie was SOEXCITED!), and left again about an hour later (much less excited) because the home inspector was coming. Whom I ran into on my way out, and told him about a bunch of stuff to look for (was that in bad taste?). Went back to the Verizon Store (see above, re: email), went to Starbucks, spent some time reading, some time trying to configure the phone again, went to the gym, went to the Whole Foods, and then succumbed to the Burger King for dinner on the way home (sigh). And I came home, and my spare key was in the door. So I swore a lot, went in the house, and discovered the inspector was still here. He gave me some tips, we had a nice chat, he left. I showered, did the dishes, talked to my folks, watched some TV, and now it's 9:45 and I meant to be asleep an hour ago. Except that the sooner I go to bed, the sooner tomorrow comes, and ugh, tomorrow's going to suck.

But! I did have fun with the camera phone today.

More daffodils.

And the silly new gym accessory I've acquired. It's a little pocket thing for my water bottle. Maggie has a hiking pack that looks suspiciously similar to this....

Alright. To bed...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Look what I found in my yard yesterday:

It's a daffodil!! Two of 'em, in fact! You know what this means, right?


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Way later than I need to be up right now. Here's the gist of my day - got to bed late last night, woke up early to meet Gomer, who cancelled at the last second. Grumbled for a while, went to Starbucks, Target (even made a list this time and I still forgot half of what I needed! Argh), then the gym. Grabbed lunch, came home, took a wonderful nap. Then I somehow let myself get talked into going for sushi (part of the discussion over the last few days of where we were going to go tonight was Ruthie saying, "But Kate hates fish!" Which is true. But, alas, we were going out for Tyler's birthday, not mine, and so I make do...). Peng and I tried to be all accomodating and pick Tyler up but he now lives in the middle of nowhere and we got very, very lost. But we made it eventually, I got a minute to play with his roommate's dog (sooooooooooo sweet), and we weren't even the last ones there. It actually wasn't bad and my veggie roll was even quite good. And we had fun. We ended up back at Mike's and now it's far too late for me to still be awake but I'm texting with my patient who's in crisis, and wow, I really need to go to bed, because I'm (of course) on call tomorrow...

Friday, February 13, 2009

No penguins in Argentina

So my mom's boss and one of her coworkers went to Antarctica for a three week fabulous bottom of the world cruise (the coworker happens to be married to the boss, so it's not all scandalous like that, calm down). They're back, they had a fabulous time, her boss didn't fall through the ice on a snowmobile like when they went to Alaska, and they brought my mom back a set of salt and pepper shakers (for those who don't know, my mother collects salt and pepper shakers, and her collection is EPIC. Like, four bookcases worth of epic. With some really neat ones, from all over the world, antiques, etc) shaped like penguins. Which they bought in Argentina, where the boat docked.

For some reason, when my mother told me this the other day, I found it just hysterically funny. I finally stopped giggling long enough to speak, and the conversation went something like this....

Me: That's so funny! There aren't penguins in Argentina!!
Mom: No, I think there are....
Me: Nonsense. I think there's only penguins beneath the Antarctic Circle.

(Now, how I could've forgotten the plight of the poor Australian Fairy Penguins nine years ago in their wee little knitted jumpers, I don't know, but, I digress)

Mom: Well, parts of Argentina are pretty far South.
Me (still giggling): Noooooooo. He he...there are no penguins in Argentina!
Mom: Well, not anymore, because they're in my house!
Me (another fit of giggles): That's just hysterical. Penguins in Argentina....(sobering)...right? There really aren't penguins in Argentina, are there?
Mom: I...I really think there are.
Me: Wait, no, there can't be...let me Google.

And, of course, Argentina is the native land to at least four species of penguins. So, given my busy day and my late night (I had dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight, which was WONDERFUL, and went quite late) and early freakin' appointment with Gomer tomorrow, I leave you with a picture of my new favorite species, a native of Argentina, and the best-named bird ever...

...the Macaroni Penguin.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love/Hate Thursday

Such a day.

So I drove to the coast today, because someone more powerful in the university than I needed my plane. And I kinda like the drive anyway, and I REALLY like not being a mile above the ground in a tin can with wings. So I get there, and I notice some of the vans have this odd gold paint on the windows. And I think....well, now, THAT's weird...

Turns out someone (with think one of our patients clients consumers people we serve individuals, most likely) vandalized five of the eight cars in our fleet, as well as the door to the office. Had they stuck to spray painting just the glass, it would've been okay (that comes right off with paint thinner), but they painted the mirrors, the license plates, etc, and they broke one of the windshields and wrote "CUNT" on the hood of one of the cars (which, of the whole team, only the non-me doc is male, so that doesn't narrow down much who they were pissed at). But they were kind enough to leave the can of spray paint and several beer cans just lush with fingerprints and probably DNA. Brilliant career criminals I'm thinking they're not...

Still. When you work your ass off and really go out of your way to help people, which the members of my ACTT do on a daily basis, and at that a group of people who are already not the easiest people or the most accepting of help...something like this can be really discouraging. They spend every day tracking people down, getting them services, going into some unsavory places, taking them to do the things they need to do, and, again, not the easiest clientele to begin with! They pay for things out of pocket, they take phone calls in the middle of the night, and they frequently go beyond what they need to. They're a good bunch, who don't get paid nearly well enough, have crappy benefits, and often put themselves in potentially dangerous situations. So this really pisses me off, and makes me a little bit sad for humanity as a whole...

The day itself, though, wasn't bad. It was a gorgeous and glorious sunny, 73 degree, bluebird day on the coast. I made good time going in, the peer counselor and I had some good visits with people (AND she quit smoking - day 12. Go her!), and then I bugged out around 3. I went to the gym when I got back, lifted, got the machines I wanted, and had a good workout (although I'm wondering if I can impose a No Stinky People On The Machines On Either Side Of Me ban....). And then I came home, had some hummus, caught up on FB, and am going to bed now, which, that can't be bad. And I downloaded and listened to Incredibad, the newly released album from The Lonely Island (see several posts ago, when I linked the video for I'm on a Boat, which is Track 4, and still my favorite, I think). It was freakin' hysterical. A couple of the tracks...okay, well, several....are pretty juvenile or just outright weird, but, on the whole, damn funny stuff (and, what do you know? Carlos Santana does make a sparkling wine. And have a line of women's shoes. Who knew??).

Oh, and, fortunately, Peng called me tonight and reminded me that Dollhouse premiers tomorrow night (I'm having dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's, but, the DVR is standing by). It's got Faith (Eliza Dushku)! And Fred (Amy Acker)! And allegedly Wash (Alan Tudyk, whom I still adore from when he played Gerhardt in 28 Days)! And it's from Joss Whedon! If only Summer Glau weren't otherwise engaged, it would be the supernova of the Whedonverse...and maybe they could drop James Marsters in there (I always liked Spike WAY better than Angel, even though Angel was the one that got the spin-off. But David Boreanaz is doing much better for himself these days).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday - a haiku

Start early, go late
Can I make it through this day?
Pine for thee, my bed!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Blogger keeps eating my posts. Therefor, I am surrendering and going to bed.

Take that, evil internet demons.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Funny business

It's been a weird day here in sunny NC.

Started out well. I slept in, and Maggie was super excited that I was still home and asleep and not dragging myself out of bed to go away for many, many hours. So we had a little lazy morning, and then I got up and went to Starbucks, and the gym, and the grocery.

While I was out, I'm driving next to this car painted all camouflage, right? Which is a little strange in itself, but then, I look across the road, and there's this guy. On a bike. And behind his bike, he's pulling what appears to be a 12 foot canoe. Okay, and in this canoe, right, are two maybe 20 lb terriers. Who, frankly, didn't look too thrilled...

I would've given a considerable amount to have had my camera right then. I almost ran into the camouflage car (who could've blamed me? "Honest, officer, I didn't see it!").

So I made it back home, showered, putzed, and Mags and I went to the Starbucks I go into (as opposed to the other one, which has a drive through. I like the convenience of that one, but this one has better people working there, so, when I go in...). I read a little, she sniffed a lot, and I got a text from a friend of mine giving me some really disconcerting news. She's fine, but, we almost lost her. That really shook me up. I talked to her tonight, she's better, and I feel better about her situation, but, wow.

So needless to say, Mags and I didn't stay at the Starbucks much after that. We watched some TV...

...and I futzed around on the intenet a little. Found a really cool blog at Vegan Lunch Box which has some nice recipes, but also links to a lot of very neat products. Worth checking out. Not that I'll ever read it again, because I'm so far behind on my blog reading, but...

And here's one more thing for your viewing enjoyment. I do love me an SNL digital short, and think I may be developing a little crush on Andy Samberg, frankly...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Are you kidding me???

So...this morning. 7am. Little Miss Maxine wakes me up, because, after all, IT'S MORNING!! MORNING! WAKE UP! WAKE UUUUUUUP!! (Max is quite the morning person, as it were.) Alright, fine. We have a little snuggle time, we head to Starbucks. Except we didn't make it, because Sparrow was on her way home and wanted her dog back. So we went and visited with her a little while, and then Mags and I actually did go to the Starbucks, and I was going to drop her off and then go to the gym, but, then I decided for some reason or another that I had to come in, and then I sat down. and then I checked my email, and then I decided, oh, boy, am I know, maybe I'll just take a nap. Maybe I'll go later.

Fortunately, I stalled, because then my phone rings.

So, I think I've mentioned that my original landlord (for like a minute) sold her house to the neighbor, who then parcelled off my house with the main house, and kept Sparrow's with his property, and is now selling my house and the big house. But, you know, they'll only show my little cottage if they have a serious buyer, and in this market, ehhh....

Okay, so at like 11am, my phone rings, and it's the realtor, and he's like, hey, you got my voicemail yesterday, right, saying that I'm showing your cottage at 1?

I said....what?? Dude, no, that's a really bad idea. Because my house....whoa. Really, I haven't moved in yet. There's still boxes everywhere. There's dog hair everywhere. It's muddy paw season. The toilet seat has been broken since before I moved in, and like a month ago, the handy man dropped off the new one with a note saying "let me know when is a good time to install this" (uh, how about when you came into my house and left it here??). There's a sink full of dishes and a floor full of dirty laundry. The dining room table is three feet deep in crap. What??? WHAT??? You want to show this place now? Today? In two hours? Are you fucking kidding me?

He says, they're from out of town. They're really nice people, you'd like them. And I left you a message.

(For the record, that's exactly what he said to me, with emphasis on the attitude of "message". I said nothing of what's above after "Really, I haven't moved in yet." And there was a lot more swearing when this went on in my head...)

So I scrambled until quarter to one. I cleared more than a trash can full of crap out of my house, replaced the toilet seat, and somehow set my vacuum cleaner on fire trying to suck up the dog hair. And then Maggie and I made a run for it.

Truthfully, the house did look a lot better than it did when I got home from Starbucks. Still not as good as I would've liked, though, not even close. Which....I mean, I haven't really moved in yet (even though I've lived here, what, eight months now??), because I haven't really figured out what to do with all of my stuff in this tiny little place. But apparently it was good enough, because the realtor said they liked it.

So, Mags and I bummed around for about two hours until they left (! I don't know when they got there, but, dude). I eventually got the dishes done....around 6, when I was making dinner. The rest of the day has been less eventful, fortunately. And now we're watching Wedding Crashers on TBS.'s not my favorite movie, but the cleaned-up version is pretty funny. Vince Vaughn's exclamation of "Jesus Christ!" just got translated into "Cheese and Rice!" Because, really, who doesn't invoke a nice vegetarian melange when someone dumps a bottle of rubbing alcohol on their open wound?

Y'all, it's time for bed....

Friday, February 06, 2009

"Fish like decorations."

From last night's Bones, which I watched this morning, and...I'm still not sure what I think of it. But that line made me cackle like a drunken chicken, which I think is the official signal that my brain has, indeed, turned to mush.

So, in lieu of (more) incoherent babbling, I give you pictures.

Maggie, trying to use her powers of mind control to get me to hand over my dinner.

And Little Maxine, who's with us tonight 'cuz Sparrow's on call again. Poor pensive pup misses her mama, I think...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Look! It's a sock!

I know, exciting, right?

I figured out how to link my blog to Flickr. And upload pics from my phone to Flickr. I also wrote my personal statement (well, the first draft. Er, second draft) for my fellowship application, managed to make Netflix work on my computer (instead of having to use Peng's), and even took care of a couple of patients. I just went up to see a guy on the floor who fell in the bathroom. This went much better than my little old lady Sunday night who broke her hip in much the same way. This guy, I said, "Do you have any problems?" He says, "I got kicked out of my apartment."

I was doing really well for a while here, tonight. I stopped on the way in and got a triple grande mocha. Amazingly, that held me until about 4:30. The past hour has been a little, um, less energetic.

I also spent a little time reading my old blog posts from last May, when I was on my Child and Adolescent rotation. It was sort of nice to rehash was a hard time. Really activating, really difficult, really amusing.


Yeah, have I mentioned how bloody tired I suddenly am?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Night Float

I ran "night float" through Google images and found this:


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Two and a half shifts

Night float, day 3. I'm not quite halfway through this week, yet, but I will be in less than four hours.

::sigh:: I wonder when my life will stop being a series of countdowns...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Things that seem hysterically funny when you've been awake all night.

Seriously. I had to turn the sound down to almost nothing, because otherwise I was laughing myself into hyperventilating fits.

Ahhh, those were the days, back before Doogie was gay. When Vinnie was annoying but kind of adorable, when gaggles of big-haired girls all secretly hoped Doogie would realize what a bitch Wanda was and dump her ass, and when Mrs. Howser was the original MILF to legions of boys in Hammer Pants.

Then again, I do still love me some NPH...

Tonight was the first night of Night Float, and it wasn't bad. I got all my dictations finished, all (er, well, most) of my filing done, and even saw a few patients. Some little old lady up on the floor broke her hip, and is off to the OR this morning, and she and the nurses are now in love with me and my liberal use of IV dilaudid for sweet little old ladies who fall and end up with impacted femoral neck fractures.

I'm a little more delirious than usual, though. I was supposed to see my shrink this morning, but then I called her to reschedule when I realized the last two sentences I'd written in the H&P I'd started at 6:30 on the patient I saw at 4:45 (it was now 7:30 at this point, if that tells you anything) made absolutely no sense. But I've since had caffeine (I couldn't help myself) and am a little more lucid, and, well, we'll see....

Tomorrow night (er, tonight, I guess, technically), I'm hoping for an equally calm night. Tyler's birthday is tomorrow (no, like, actual tomorrow, so, Tuesday, really), and Sparrow is on with me overnight, so she's bringing a cake to pull out at midnight. Plus, I really need to get some knitting done. And now that I've said that and angered the NF gods, well, I have this bad feeling we're going to admit the whole county...

Ooh. Wait. I live in this county. If I get admitted, maybe I could get some sleep....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

All Good Things

So, roughly a week ago I announced this silly contest, and this morning marked the last status update.

Hey, that was a good time!

So here are the answers (in reverse order, because it was easier to pull them off of Twitter that way...). And, in case you were curious, I tacked on the reason I picked each one (and to answer your questions, nope, they weren't random, nor planned out, and yeah, there were a few I chose not to use). So here you go...

is hot like wasabe when she busts rhymes.

Barenaked Ladies, One Week. Chosen because, well, it was a week-long contest.

is acting as if.

Sara Evans, As If. Because I was trying to stay up and get my schedule all flipped around as if I were already on Night Float.

jumps up with a devilish grin, 'cause tonight, damn right, she might do it again!

Ludacris, One More Drink. S/p one department party the night before, and heading for the department brunch.

knows the secret code you use to wash away those lonely blues.

Tom Jones, Sex Bomb. Because I like that song and it was on my iPod at the gym, so it subsequently got stuck in my head.

thinks that with each scar, there's a map that tells a story.

Katy Perry, Self-Inflicted. This was on the morning before I saw 7 of my 8 therapy patients in one day, at least 4 of whom are cutters.

is more than your new Barbie bargained for.

SheDaisy, Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me). I was reading in preparation for a seminar on Dissociative Identity Disorder (which used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder).

has a garden of songs where she grows all her thoughts.

Ani DiFranco, This Bouquet. Aw, come on, y'all, the selection of this one should be obvious.

says, more days to come, new places to go.

The Scorpions, Rock You Like A Hurricane. I think it was the sudden torrential downpour that got me thinking about this song. I picked this line in continuing with the previous post.

has this old guitar and a brand new set of strings.

Miranda Lambert, New Strings. This song actually has a lot of meaning for me - it sort of became my theme song for this whole relocation to NC and new career and whatnot. And so for some reason I was thinking about that Wednesday morning, and it seemed like the thing to post...

says, bless your soul. You really think you're in control?

Gnarls Barkley, Crazy. Tuesday was crazy. As Tuesday always is. And that line seemed especially fitting...

knows there's guys who've been awake since the second World War.

Barenaked Ladies, Who Needs Sleep? I was awake way too early on Tuesday. As I always am.

wonders where does the arrow point to? Who invented roses?

Dar Williams, What Do You Hear In These Sounds? Monday night, s/p therapy (mine). I do love that song so....

thinks that these are the days when you wish your bed was already made.

The Bangles, Manic Monday. For obvious reasons. And, I only about two weeks ago realized the irony of my Bipolar clinic being on Monday mornings....

Oh, and of course, the title of the first post announcing the contest - You'll probably say it was only a Cardinal.

From The Contest, in Sweeny Todd. Again, kind of obvious.

So that's it, folks. I had about 20 people playing along!! Thanks, everybody!!

Oh....oh, right, yeah, you want to know who won. Silly me.

As it turns out, there was a THREE WAY TIE. Woo-hoo!! I thought about having a tiebreaker round, but then just decided to award prizes to all three. The winners are (drum roll, please):

Robin, of Another Lesson Learned
Julie, of Stop Me if You've Heard This One...
Jenn, of Tiny Tyrant

Robin will get a felted bag (because she doesn't knit, so if I sent her yarn,, she's put up with me since 1992, so fine, I'll pre-assemble her prize. Might take some time, though! Look how long I've been working on Luke's blanket!!). Jenn and Julie will get yarn from my stash (and whatever else I might throw in the box...). Y'all need to email or FB message me your addresses, though, if you ever expect these to arrive (and even then, allow for the fact that they will be mailed on cranky resident time...).

Honorable mentions go to PenguinShrink, Cranky Mama, Allison, Dr. Von B, and Li'l Kate. You all get warm fuzzy thoughts and cosmic karma points for indulging me.

Yay! This was fun!!