Monday, September 03, 2012


So I'm at the beach this weekend with some friends. It's been a rough few months, and my friends have all watched me do a pretty terrible job of taking care of myself while trying to take care of everyone around me. So my friend Sarah invited me to their family beach house this weekend, to get me the heck out of town and be nearer to the healing wonderfulness that is, for me, the beach.

Truthfully, we haven't seen much of the actual beach this weekend. We've walked on it a bit and Maggie and I went out to watch the sun rise yesterday while a big storm was rolling out over the water. It was pretty awesome. Mostly what we did was veg, and tell stories, and read, and knit, and drink fruity things. It's been a very lovely weekend.

Mags and I are packed up and ready to leave after breakfast or so, but we've had a really good time. She and her doggy buddy have spent most of the weekend doing exactly the same thing we have:

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