Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on, Irene

I think the hurricane has left NC.

It was quite anti-climactic here in the Triangle.

I'm exhausted, because I was on at New State Hospital last night and totally overcaffeineated myself and so now haven't slept since 6:30 yesterday morning. So, I'm going to go to bed. But we are all doing just fine here. Maggie's totally chilled out. Even the motorcycle made it through without blowing over.

I will leave you with this, one final act of rebellion against my "no people on the blog" rule before I go medicate myself into Morpheus' realm - My coffee shop buddy Chris put this together today after watching several hours of totally ludicrous weather-related coverage. I think it sums up the aftermath of the hurricane (here, two and a half hours inland) quite well....


Anonymous said...

OK--what do you mean by the 'no people on blog rule" ? ? ?

and oh yeah! ENOUGH ALREADY about Irene. This coveraqe is a prime example of how the 'media' TRIES TO MANAGE AND RULE LIVES!

But maybe this MASSIVE COVERAGE will be a wake up call to everyone to TELL THE MEDIA---

STOP! do you think anyone will listen? Naw!

Nice to know you and Maggie are fine----

Anonymous said...

In looking for your No Blog Rule--noticed September is National Head Lice Prevention Month.

Am sure glad I no longer work in the local school--and especially with the 'little kids' in grades K to 4. Oh my!

The kids need to learn the ABC's of school---BUT BUT the parents need to learn CLEANINESS AND PERSONAL HYGIENE.


Your turn to blog-----also from F/B like your idea of knitting in Starbucks----

Enjoy Carol

Like Doogie said...

Yeah, what is the "no people on the blog" rule? Will you only be posting LOLcats from now on or something?

Anonymous said...

Guess Irene has 'dun you in' as no longer read any more blogs.

Oh well!

sign of the times---EEK!

Enjoy anyhow Carol