Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life According To... Goes Mobile

Look! Blogger finally made an app. So far I'm a little underwhelmed, but, hey. One step at a time.

Things have been hectic here but are finally calming down. Dad's still in hospice but is doing pretty well, all things considered. Mom is still pretty physically limited, but a healthy dose of stubborn helps with that. I'm working part time east of the capital, and will pick up some temp work at student health soon as a temporizing measure until I get my private practice up and running. Terrifying, but fun. I secured office space today!! Hooray! Lucky and Maggie continue to be hilarious. Etc, etc.

So it says I can not only add pictures via my phone, but TAKE them as well. Let's's a gratuitous pet shot. And here's a picture of my view waiting to take Jen home from work. Let's see how this turns out...

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