Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun on a Monday

Coffee. Work. Supervision. Therapy. It's Monday, alright.

I did come across this, however. Which I find kind of fascinating.


PS, I'm so going to bed at 8 tonight....

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Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! on to 'my--your blog'

How the heck are ya Biker Belle?

Sounds like life is settling down to the usual routine with lots of life's stuff. Good deal

Still have the severe back problem--and stopped the meds because the SIDE EFFECTS were worse than the pain. Least ways I KNOW where and what the pain is---but the USUAL SIDE EFFECTS----diarrhea, constipation---take your choice are AWFUL. It's called cover your butt by the pharmacies etc. sure you know the stories.

Enough of me--for now---glad to complain to you for a change.--Heheh

and enjoy Carol