Thursday, November 25, 2010


So today wasn't so bad.

I left for work at 6:15. Tried to go to Starbucks for coffee, but of course they weren't open yet. Fortunately, the Bojangles across the street was, and they had coffee. But of course I'd forgotten my wallet, and couldn't pay at the Boj with my Starbucks card. So I dug around my bag and my car, and came up with exactly the amount needed for a coffee and a blueberry biscuit. This made me happy.

I got to work, did my prep work, and hit the floor. I ended up rounding on all the eating disorder patients and most of the adolescents. My attending rolled in a little later than I did, but he also brought me donuts. I was done with my notes by 10. I spent a little while talking to John, who was also working today, and had just stepped out the door of the hospital when my pager started going off.


But I made it home, and then to Thanksgiving at Shady Pines. We had a very nice turkey dinner, with the works - cranberry sauce (from a can, which sort of cracked me up), dressing, ham, sweet potato casserole with the little marshmallows, that green bean casserole with crispy onions on top, etc, etc. We sat with some of my parents' new friends, and it was very nice. One of their friends is not a whole lot older than I am, and was only allowed to move in to SP because he's blind. He was also instrumental in creating the rehab organization that has the movers who've moved me the last three times He and his fiancee were great to talk to. As was her cousin and the cousin's husband, who are also residents there. Their "adopted son" and his wife sat with us, too. It was a nice time. I hung out with my folks for a little while afterwards.

I stopped on the way home and checked in on Larry's cats, who are in my charge for the holiday. I've met them before, and they know I smell like a big dog. Larry maintains that they have no idea what a dog is, but I think cats know. Anywho, they've not had a problem with me before, but do seem to notice that I smell funny. The calico was all purrs and love.

(This is us, sitting in the dark because Larry doesn't appear to have any lights in the living room...)

The black cat, not so much. He kept looking at me suspiciously, like, "Who are you and what have you done with my person?". He was civil, and happily accepted the cat treat I gave him, of course. It's funny, though, because he's got the reputation of being the affectionate one.

It also reminded me, though, of the differences between cats and dogs. I tell my dog, "Hey, Maggie, come here!" and most of the time, she'll come trotting over. She listens, usually. She does a few commands. The cats? After walking around the kitchen with the calico at my heels, I finally sat down and called her over.

She sat.

And looked at me.

And cleaned her face.


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Anonymous said...

Turkey day with humans and cats who think they are human!

Sounded like a real nice day. Cats-----independent----'you called me over---for what-----is it important---don't bother me!"

what an attitude? ? ?

Our day ---started Ok but I havea sore back for about 30 days now ?Dr gave me Etolac which is DOING NOTHING and the side effects are worse---and after giving it a chance--STOPPING TODAY--cause it spoiled my 'health' . Got sick on the way up to Marion---but DIL's turkey was delicious, my dressing was exceptional ( according to the Grinch--my other half) and all the other food was yummy, DIL's brother and family ( two little boys) were cute and all in all good day. Sick from that first morning day pill--thought sinus stuff and when second pill was due at 4:30 took it and got sick. After it passed hot sweats, etc we ended up leaving sooner than expected.

I am not tolerant ---and the pain killers are not pain killers either. Guess another trip to Dr is in order.

Sorry to unload--but glad to hear how your day went.
Enjoy Carol