Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hold on to the little things

If last week qualified as "weird" this week is...well, the words I'm thinking of are ones I typically try not to use in this venue, but "cluster" could be one of them. It's really been just one thing after another, most of which I probably shouldn't talk about in a public domain, at least not yet, and on one in particular I've self-imposed a mandatory ten-day cooling off period before I can discuss it...or, buy a gun. (That was a joke. That was absolutely a joke.)

So, instead, I've been focusing on the small amusements of my week. And, well, still watching a lot of CSI.

Sunday, comrade in arms pict-shrink and I went to Market - the NC State Flea Market, and the NC State Farmers' Market. The flea market was a sight to be seen, for sure. As one friend so aptly stated it, you think flea market, you think crap nobody wants and stolen things. And, there was definitely some crap, and probably some stuff that was hot. But there was also a lot of really cool stuff - lots of the requisite hand made furniture, refinished antiques, collectibles, homemade fudge, jewelry, tea, spices. Also some weirdness; like, aside from the army surplus place, there was the random booth that sold "weapons" - including what purported to be a "vampire slaying sword" (which, we concluded...wouldn't one of those have to be made out of wood?). But it was cool. And the farmers' market was an equally good time. They have a restaurant there. With disappointingly mediocre food, it turns out, and bad service. But the market itself has a lot of very neat stuff.

Neither of us bought any fleas or any farmers. Although I did come home with some very tasty peaches.

And, I also give you, some gratuitous pictures of my dog. She just got a new crate a couple of weeks ago, which she almost refuses to come out of.

Notice that she's snuggled up with her favorite toy, a stuffed hippo, whom she's using as a pillow, there, in doggie jail.

She also is very excited to be allowed on the couch again, now that we've got our old furniture back from New Hampshire.

Which brings me to continued exciting thing #3 for the week.

Yesterday, I'm sitting on the floor, the dog's on the couch, which she barfs all over with no warning. Which, first off, ewww, puppy. But, fortunately, I still had that blue comforter on the couch. So, I just tossed it in the washing machine. Which, I LOVE my new washing machine. Love it!

It really is a beautiful thing. I've been waiting three weeks to blog about this stupid washing machine. It's a Frigidaire Gallery...something....something....stacked he. I mean, it's no Sir Washie, but come on, what is? And I got it at Sears for less than $1000. For he! It's deceptively huge capacity, very quiet, fun to watch the front loader (you think I'm kidding). And, you can easily fit a queen sized comforter in that tiny little washer. Easily. Pop it right in. I've washed that blue comforter like three times already (out of necessity, not sport, unfortunately) as well as the one on my bed.

And as a side note, the thing on the left is a chest freezer I bought back in NH. See the shelf above it? Custom made, expertly crafted by my friend Carl. It's a beautiful thing.

So, that's the frivolity for today. I have to go to lecture shortly, and there's also a lunch to help us identify mentors. Yee-haw. And then I have to go pick up my overpriced suit that's being altered and still won't fit right anyway. Good times...


Lorna said...

I'm sorry you're experiencing not the most perfect of times right now and that CSI is your "mainstay" - no offense against CSI and CSI Miami is one of my favorite shows....

Hope things right themselves quickly for you!

Miss ya and thinking POSITIVE thoughts for a GREAT rest of the week!

Sarah said...

Awwwww, but Maggie's so cute!

Barb said...

That "cluster word" is one of my all time favorite curses. I'd forgotten about it and might have to drag it back out. It amuses people to hear little ole me, who looks like a fat twelve year old and sounds like a Smurf, saying really hard core curses. And you know I live for the audience. Plus, this week I found out that my PT hadn't ever, you know, like read my chart. you know the one where it says, "Has very high pain tolerance --if you have her work to failure, you will cause tendonitis (SP? I'm too lazy to look it up. Plus I'd have to put the boot back on.) that will put her back in a walking cast for two solid MORE weeks." Cluster fffffff, I tell ya.

I have front-loader envy. Surely you can cure that? Is that diagnosable?

Valerie said...

I hope all things resolve themselves in the upcoming few days.

Remember, we miss you here and are cheering for you.

Have a really good weekend !!!