Monday, July 23, 2007

I...for Pete's.... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


But before I explain the subject line, yet another CSI quote, that just happened to be from the episode I'm watching as I type this:

Someone asked the Buddha, how do we escape the heat of a summer's day? And the Buddha said, why not leap into a blazing furnace?

- From, Felonious Monk. And, I happen to know that's an actual Buddhist proverb.

Seemed appropriate.

So. Today. Day Two on the medical unit. Going along fine. Having a reasonably slow day, actually. And then. My Chief resident comes down, looks at the resident who'd been filling in for me whilst we all awaited my license, and then at me, and says, "I need to talk to you two."

After I reestablished a normal cardiac rhythm...because, I turned white, swallowed my tongue, and said, "wait, just...I still have a license, right?" and she assured me that I did...she then pulled me off the medical unit and reassigned me to the Men's Acute Stabilization (read: psychiatric intake and crisis) unit.

So now I'm on psych.

And now I'm on call tomorrow.

And there's like 27 patients on that unit. There were 3 when I left Medicine.

Plus, as I told them like eight times, I haven't actually done any psychiatry - any real doctor-in-charge, sanctioned psychiatry - in like four years. Since I was a medical student. By training? Gynecologist. Freakin' awesome to have around if any of these guys go into labor. But...that's really unlikely to happen. And I thought I had three more months to read and acclimate and learn something so that when I said "I don't know anything about psychiatry, you know" I wouldn't really mean it.


Plus, the reason I went over is unsettling (in a more personal manner). And I don't know many of the details, actually, which makes it even more upsetting, because the details I fill in are undoubtedly worse than what's probably happened. What I suspect is actually closer to the truth will probably just make me sad.

I guess we'll see.............really, I guess we'll see how much crazier this ride gets....


Sarah said...

Have you been clubbing baby seals or something? Karma does not seem to be your friend right now. I suggest you stop clubbing the baby seals right away.
Also, I got the yarn! I love it! I'm thinking knee socks, there's so much of it.

Sarah said...

Okay, this is really funny.

Barb said...


Well, I guess it was gonna happen some time?

I don't know what to say, except, hang in there and well... hang in there.

(And no clubbing baby seals.)


Valerie said...

Kate, you have a really good head on your shoulders, go with your gut feeling and you will be just fine. This is what you wanted to do and now you can do and learn at the same time.