Friday, September 10, 2010

Jiggity Jig

I'm home again.

It was a WONDERFUL vacation. In fact, it was kind of like two vacations...

My coworkers came out for the weekend, of course. There were 22 of us, I think, in total, although a few were in and out through the weekend. It was such a good time. We hung out, played in the water, got silly, cooked good food, and generally enjoyed each others' company. We had kids this year, although just a couple, and one of them was the world's cutest baby (he was one of my roommates. The other was his mom). It was nice to have more of a family feel, and there was plenty of drunken wackiness that went on after the kids (and old fogies) were in bed.

The house was a-ma-zing. Huge, well appointed, comfy, oceanfront. Great views. Too many stairs for my messed up knee and ridiculous feet, but that was okay. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous place (which is good, because I've already booked it again for next year).

Monday I drove back with Scott and Mary (with whom I drove out on Friday), dropped them off, picked up the dog and my aunt and uncle, and headed back to the beach. We spent the rest of the week rattling around, just the three (well, four) of us in that gigantic house. We boogie boarded, grilled out, I laid and read in the sand and I napped on the couch. Maggie actually ventured into the water once, and was enjoying it until she got overtaken by a giganamous wave, and then that was the end of that. It was actually pretty adorable.

So now it's back to real life. I have a giant pile of sandy laundry and a weird rash which I think was from someone else's sunscreen I borrowed. But in more exciting news, I have a whole weekend still before I have to go back to work. And tomorrow is May's wedding!

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Anonymous said...

Hot Dog Jiggidy Jag------it's 52 weeks till Beach Time!

Repeat performance of a great week.

enjoy Carol