Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sick Leave

Yeah, I've been sick. As in, sick. Like, I wasn't awake for much of Wednesday, except when I kept waking up in a sweat trying to break my 102 fever. I still rattle when I breathe, but my temp is down to low-grade and I'm planning on going to work tomorrow.

So let me get caught up here...

Tuesday, my blog would've said something about how I came home early from work and was so not feeling good. And how I blamed Peng. Or Jen. Even though by then I was thinking it was the THING that everyone in the department has caught or currently has. And even though I work with both of them, it's hard to assign blame that specifically.....

Wordless Wednesday would've been a picture of my beautiful puppy enjoying the beach breeze.

And for Love Thursday, here's a couple of short lists.

5 Things I love about a sick day:

1. A completely legitimate excuse to get caught up on my DVR.
2. Strawberry Fruit 'n' Juice bars
3. My previous officemate, Peng, for covering the unit for me; Mike, for offering to not make me dump it on Peng; and my current officemate, Cleo, for doing her best to take are of me even though I wouldn't let her and that baby anywhere near my airspace. It's nice to know there are people down here who would come to my aid if things got any worse than the flu.
4. My nurse Maggie.
5. Really, really, really a lot of totally guilt-free rainy day naps.

5 Things I hate about a sick day:

1. That whole "being sick" thing.
2. Being quarantined away from my parents.
3. Missing our morning coffee roundtable (although - AHEM - I didn't see any of y'all offering to bring me soup. Just sayin'.), my friends, coworkers, and favorite patients.
4. Missing my Wednesday in Raleigh, which is my favorite day of work.
5. In the shower tonight (my first in a few days, I concede), I blew my nose (hush, you do it too). And popped my right eardrum in some sort of way that really pissed it off. So here I am, in the shower, with horrific vertigo. I can't stand up if I open my eyes vertigo. I tried to pop my ears again. I tried sniffing and blowing and poking at my ears and panting and everything else I could think of to dislodge that bubble, and yet nothing worked. I was about thirty seconds away from calling a friend of mine and saying "Help! I'm stuck in my shower!" when I realized - phone? Totally in the other room.

The moment when, while clutching to the wall and curtain and climbing out of said shower, the bubble finally popped? THAT makes the LOVE list. Whew!

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