Friday, October 01, 2010

Blog's gone pink

No, no, this isn't some infectious overgrowth from the pink office. And I promise, it's just for the month.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, I often complain about how much ridiculous pink-ness shows up in the name of Breast Cancer. I get mad about how damn much funding Breast Cancer Awareness gets (not research, they can have all the money they want, but the pink explosion). 1 in 9 American women gets breast cancer. 1 in 3 women worldwide (1 in 4 in America) will be sexually abused or assaulted.

I about needing awareness.

But, given this past aunt's diagnosis with Stage II Breast CA, her subsequent journey through chemo and radiation... my mom's diagnosis with Stage IV Breast CA, and the stroke that I still think resulted from it...

Looks like I'm jumping on the pink bandwagon.


Anonymous said...

BLOG'S GONE PInk-----and hope the comments are also in pink-----what better way to start the month of October 'in the pink'.

I have been AWOL---since 'Life; got kind of busy and time just FLEW BY.

In honor of this month and my visit over to Vanderbilt Breast Clinic in Nashville yesterday---my mammo and report was very very good. Course the technician has a 'target' to zero in on with the 'clips' in my breast to zero in on 'what used to be cancer. I too was Stage 2 and entering Stage 3 with a 'mass'.

Heads up Kate's readers----the year of chemo and then radiation --is FANTASTIC compared to the ALTERNATIVE. Yeah Yeah---I was sick but----here I am sharing with Kate and friends.

It is now nine years and once again Dr. Kelley's office invited me to be part of the annual Awareness Program. It is not feasible as we live 3 1/2 hours away ( one way) and the meetings etc make it impossible.

To your Aunt----smile, laugh a little, think about someone else besides yourself today and you will 'feel better'


Danielle said...

Fuck cancer is right, Kate! Fuck it in the ass! I tend to agree wwith you about breast cancer awareness. Having that swollen lymph node (which is now a "shotty" node), it was SOOO scary to face a possibility of having lukemia or lymphoma, even if it was only a slight possibility. How many people know that September was a good time to wear lime green?

Danielle said...

Also, you know that whole thing about how statistics don't matter anymore when the "one in whatever" is you or yours? Can be applied in your situation, too.

DK said...

Amen, Carol!!

Danielle, I was...not aware! Next September we'll have to acknowledge it. And I'm glad your node was nothing.

As for the "one in one" phenomena... oh honey. I'm already one of the one in four. With my family history I'm bound to be one of the one in nine. If only I had the same luck in the lottery...