Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have no idea what this has to do with birthdays...

....but it came up when I ran "birthday" through a Google Image search. And I liked it.

Happy birthday to me.

It was such a good day. Good coffee time this morning, good therapy session, then I went and bought a motorcycle helmet (I'm registered for the course. I'm acquiring gear. I guess this is actually happening!). There were cupcakes at our test (inservice exam part two). Cleo and Olga and I went for mani/pedis. And then a whole bunch of my friends came out for dinner - including friends from two different social circles. Who blended really well. AND there was (almost authentic) Chicago deep dish pizza - broccoli, peppers, and feta, my very favorite from the place we had dinner.

Plus, like, everybody in the world (well, in my world) who wasn't actually here texted, called, or left me a Facebook message.

I love my people.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't realize it was your birthday-----I believe a Scorpio---and they are special people. In order: Dr. Kate, my son-in-law, my husband and finally at Halloween my granddaughter.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU! ! ! Tra laa Tra laa. On second thought maybe coffee would be better than my singing.
Enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it honey.

Hugs to you and scritches to Miss Mags.