Friday, October 08, 2010


Psychiatry Book Club tonight. Had a WONDERFUL time. Did lots of arguing with Scott. Pulled Sonia into it. Great contributions from the underclass residents. It was very much a success. Also? There was good Indian food involved. Can't go wrong there, unless their buffet is both expensive and expansive and you all end up eating too much and have to drive home with your (new, stiff) jeans unbuttoned.

Just sayin'.

But now it's 11pm and I'm a sleepy Kate...

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Anonymous said...

Kate said, " Mind your mental health people". How true and important! For me personlly I could never deal with the types of people you want to help in your profession. I have a hard time understanding the 'weakness' in people who do not or unable to deal with problems that might be considered depression-like conditions.

I worked as a certified Teachers Aide in the State of Ill for over 18 years ( plus before that I did a lot of volunteer work in the school my kids attended). I had 2 yrs of college. Once in awhile I had to help out in the Spec. Educ department. It was extremely difficult for me to work with Special Education kids.It just got to me with wanting 'a good life for these kids'

I am what I consider and what other people have told me------is that I am a strong but very independent person. A favorite expression of mine is, "Pick up your boot straps and get moving. Only you can do it--no one will do it for you".

The 'weakness' I mentioned earlier in THIS ---YOUR BLOG---HEHEH is hard for me to tolerate and have patience with anyone who has the 'woe is me' syndrome. I can understand and be willing to help-----UP TO A POINT----then hey----'put a ramrod down your back and get going. In my opinion---too many people have the mind set they are entitled to sympathy, help, pills (alias medicine) and rely on those things to 'get them thru the day or even life.

This when I would loose my patience and holler to 'get a life and be responsible for yourself." And I truly want these people to be able to manage their own lives and KNOW THEY HAVE A LOT TO GIVE in return.

I fully understand there would be exceptions to various conditons of health.

Since I am USING YOUR BLOG---hehehe - - - -
What say you?
Enjoy the weekend ---Carol