Sunday, October 03, 2010


...not so good.

I'm not really sure why, to be honest. It was just...difficult.

I think it's still part of my Crisis of Something. But wow am I in one of those awash in your emotions, stuck all up in your head, mulling over life kind of funks.

And I have a 7am patient tomorrow. So I'm going to bed on old lady time.

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Anonymous said...

DR. KATE---you are in BIG TROUBLE.

"Old Lady Time" --to go to bed so you can be 'ready' for this 7:00am Mond. appt. Huh!

Don't you know US 'OLE' LADIES never go to bed early and are up at the crack of dawn. We don't want to MISS ANYTHING.

I average about 5 hours ( if lucky) of sleep a night----with up and down trips--guess where.

Hehehe watch out---the Ladies are coming to get you enjoy Carol