Sunday, March 06, 2011

As per usual

I could use a little more weekend.

This one was pretty useful. Friday was another late night at work. I got home and just passed the hell out. I am so ready for a break from the Adolescent unit. I really like working on the unit, actually, but it's intense. I think Peng and I are both a little burned out from it.

Saturday morning I met my new trainer. We'll call him Buddy. I'm not really sure why, it just seems suitable. Anyhow, he's not quite as scenic as Gomer, but he appears to be a lot smarter. Which, given that I think a big part of the reason my knees have gotten so bad in the past two years is the work I did with Gomer, I'm all over having a smarter trainer. He's affable enough, originally a Midwesterner, kind of a talker, which I'm okay with. He seems fairly anxious, actually. But in a possibly medicated way, not in that "Oh, hey, you're a shrink? Let me tell you about my issues" kind of way. And let's be honest, I'm not going to throw stones in the glass house of anxiety. But it seems like a good fit, which is something I need right now. And he was willing to work with my very rigid ideas about how many sessions my tax return would buy and how we were going to use them, which I appreciate.

I will say...he's got me doing this low speed/high incline interval treadmill workout which I did for the first time in its entirety today. I was really self-conscious about how slow I was going. Is that weird? I mean, I'm used to being self-conscious at the gym, and let's be honest - I work with a trainer so I work out smarter and don't hurt myself. It really doesn't matter what the guy on the next treadmill thinks. I have goals, here, people. Plus, the whole 30 minute workout burned 360 calories, and my knees and feet feel fine, which they don't always post-workout. So, you know...if the anorexic woman maniacally running on the arc trainer feels the need to be judgmental about my treadmill speed, let her.

Today was rainy, but productive. I actually got quite a bit checked off my to-do list. Didn't get out on the bike this weekend, though. Next weekend for sure...


Anonymous said...

Feet and knees are important ---hehehe---not cause we need them to walk on---but cause they almost are as important as a disease of an organ--(think colon or heart problems)

so WE can't abuse those knees with hi-intensity exercises. I am small boned, and don't weigh very much but my knees and now feet could not do amy kind of jumping around, aerobics or whatever. Course another culprit is RA ( rheumoid arthritis) and it is my toes curling. The methrotrexate stuff keeps everything 'livable'---- damm!!

So understand and use good common sense with your 'training'---that aneroxic girl next to you NEEDS A LIFE. HEHEH


Anonymous said...

I admit that I am a gym snob and I would never look down on somebody based on how fast or slow they were going on a treadmill - if you're taking a workout seriously I have a ton of respect for you. I don't have respect for the people who feel the need to talk on their cell phones while on the treadmill or track, blatantly ignore every rule of the track, etc. And the anorexic on the arc trainer? She's just asking for a hip injury. Go Kate:)