Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Thursday

Ten things I love (in no particular order)....

I love vacation.

I love good news from good friends.

I love some particular friends of mine who don't have such good news tonight.

I love iTunes and loud, good music.

I love that feeling I have when I leave the chiropractor and it feels like my body is actually aligned for a moment.

I love dinner at Shady Pines with my parents and their spunky, hilarious, kind friends.

I love that my parents have crafted a whole circle of friends at Shady Pines.

I love that I'm finally a redhead again.

I love that my trainer used the word "athletic" to describe my work at the gym today (bless his delusional little heart).

I love that I have the world's best dog and a furry houseguest who purrs (if only dogs could purr!).


Anonymous said...

Ain't love wonderful? It conquers all! ! !


I love I am still alive today.

I love that my back is much much better and the wonderful pain pills, but awful pain pills are finally GONE FROM MY SYSTEM.

I love getting ready to go visit very dear family.

I love the looks of my Potato Chip scarf that I am knitting.

I love the Chicago Bulls and opening baseball game of the White Sox.

Ain't Love grand?
Enjoy Carol

Anonymous said...


says Hello

Enjoy Carol