Saturday, March 19, 2011


Working the weekend. Nice night out with the girls, but I stayed out later than anticipated, and my alarm goes off at 5am...

Maggie turned nine yesterday. She's the best dog ever. I love that silly mutt. She's so smart and sweet and awesome.

Gulan is still hiding in the basement, but at least she's using the litterbox now. And when I went down tonight, she was sleeping in the hallway, instead of in the back corner of the closet behind the fold-up bed.

Olga has now lost her entire left leg and went back to surgery today to control some bleeding. Keep praying for her, to whatever deity you think is listening.

My neighbors are really loud. Don't they know I should be asleep??


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie--and I hope she had extra treats---

Gulan is settling in---hooray---about the litter box. The poor gal was so confused and is tramatized about her life. But she has you now---

Olga definitely is in my thoughts. I surely hope the best for her. And thanks for remembering to post her update. I don't know her but only through you and feel somewhat part of her by sending vibes of good health.

Met with son-dil-gg for birthday, supper and visit yesterday. was nice.

Enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hugs for your Olga honey.

Glad Gulan is using the kittybox.

All of you are in my thoughts.