Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I saw Olga today. She has the breathing tube out and is doing great. She looks awesome. We spent like two hours catching up and chatting - she's definitely back to her old self. Which is just so great.

She reminded me that only 0.3% of adults who go on ECMO (the lung bypass she was on) ever get off. It's incredible. She's still got a long road ahead of her - adjusting to the amputation, and her other foot might need a skin graft - but she's just like, okay, so this is what I have to do.

I'm just so grateful she survived this.

We talked about her son, about coming back to work, about rebuilding the house. She's so forward thinking. Speaking as someone who gets caught up in the drama of the moment so often, it was nice to hear her talking about the future and having goals, etc.

It was such a nice visit. And it was something I needed so badly.

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Anonymous said...

Your news about Olga is wonderful to hear. Especially wonderful for her and then you. Optimistic Olga has returned and when one is happy---it becomes infectious.

And the health of her body is healing and it sounds like her 'mind' also---and hopefully "she can now help you" with whatever you need too.

Good news on an icky Easter Morning, along with other related news in our area.

Take care and ENJOY Carol