Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sage advice

So my trainer tells me this morning that what I really need to do to lose weight is decrease my stress. He tells me there was a big article on hormones and weight gain in The Journal Of Really Fit People or one of those fancy publications he reads.

Yep, Buddy. True that.

What he didn't tell me, however, was how exactly I'm supposed to accomplish that. Especially with my life. 

Thoughts? Short of magically generating siblings, marrying rich, or being a bad shrink, of course...


Anonymous said...

Weight or wait thoughts!

Easy for me to say----I am of slight build---have a little of the 'stress' problems-- sooooo

don't know you well enough to critize but here goes: No. 1

Accept the fact you cannot CONTROL everything in your life ( parents etc.)job, education, and life around you.

2. Then realize if you can't HELP OR CONTROL these conditions your own health etc is in peril---THEN WHAT !

3. Stop the world---I want to get off and start all over again WITH RESOLVE.

4. Figure you are dying (think cancer with no controls) and YOU MUST OBEY and do the healthy habits of life in regards to Food and Stress along with your exercise programs.

5. For a shrink---not only think positive---but JUST DO IT.

A bird's eye capsule suggestions from an old lady-----but THINK.

Happy Mothers day to your Mom, and friends who are Mom's----
enjoy carol

Nicholas said...