Thursday, May 05, 2011


Since I missed Wordless Wednesday, I give you this, which I just love. It's a photo essay on dogs in the military. The pictures are awesome, but the copy is useful too. Did you know war dogs in Vietnam were considered surplus equipment and left behind when the war ended?? Shameful. Fortunately, the military has since seen the error of their ways (at least about this; there's always room for improvement).

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Anonymous said...

The key words in today's blog was "always room for improvement" In the VietNam era dogs were used for the first time ( I don't know this) but it probably seemed logical and economical to leave the dogs with the people. And today the BIG IMPROVEMENT in regard is to bring them back home as 4-legged humans.

Think back---blind people were just that BLIND---with perhaps a cane, a family member or ? ? ? ?
Look at what has evolved and the wonderful workings of dogs. This has led to dogs simply helping handicappped people in their homes.

I think I forwarded you a letter from my friend whose brother trains service dogs.

so good.
Enjoyed Carol