Thursday, November 08, 2012


Today I'm grateful for....

1. Friends that feel like family. In fact, friends that feel more like siblings than my actual siblings, even though they're far away and I don't see them very often. 

2. That I'm getting to know my biological siblings. They came into my life late, but not a moment too soon. 

3. My dog. She's currently chasing her tail and cracking me the hell up. 

4. The opportunity to be a doctor, with all its responsibilities and privileges. It's an exhausting job some days, but it's still the best job ever. 

5. My bed. I have this really wonderful, very cozy TempurPedic.  People complain that they're a little warmer than traditional mattresses but I find this to be very soothing. I know it's only 7pm, but I may just go retreat to it right now...


Anonymous said...

not sure this will 'get to you' so just saying---Good morning---for now!


Anonymous said...

wow! it went through---just wanted to say---enjoy your Waiting in line Kitty Kat Line for chow---and your various I am grateful comments. And look forward to saying 'hello' to Maggie.