Thursday, December 10, 2009

Massive Dumbassery

I? Am the worst friend. Ever.

Well, okay, maybe not ever. But I lost some big points tonight.

Mike's dad passed this weekend, and Cleo, Sparrow, and one of our other coworkers drove down to GA for the funeral. And since I can't seem to get off the gero unit for more than a week anyway, I covered the Gero/ECT service today and tomorrow for Cleo. I'm covering the eating disorders unit next week for Mike, and then the following week (well, three days) for Sparrow. I don't mind the bouncing around, and I'm happy to help.

But it turned out to be this weird combination of a very strange day and a very slow day, for a bunch of reasons. So, okay, Mikaela wanders in to my office at the end of the day, and was like, can you leave a few minutes early? Want to grab coffee before my 5:30 appointment? I said, sure. Took my laptop so I could work at the Starbucks for a little while before I took care of something I had to do before I went back home. But then I get this call, and I've been really distractable all day anyway, and then I tried to get some work done and the software wouldn't cooperate, and I got all sorts of frustrated, and then I called back...and then I got upset...and so then I went home.

And I ate dinner, and snuggled my dog, and read Facebook, and continued to be upset, and then I get this text from Sparrow saying, hey, how's little Maxine?

And now I kind of hate myself.

Because you know that thing I was supposed to do after Starbucks? I was supposed to go let Maxinie out. Because her mom was two states away supporting a good friend of ours in a time of need. And then when I called and was like, oh my God, I totally flaked, I'll get back in the car right now and drive all the way back there and let her out, Sparrow was like, no way. If she poops on the floor, she poops on the floor, so be it. You leave your house, I'll smack you.

I suck.

And Maxine is getting one big ass Jumbone for Christmas....

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'm about to write off this whole damn week.


penguinshrink said...

You don't suck, you're not a bad friend, you're not a bad person. You're overwhelmed and pulled in so many different directions to help people that one thing slipped your mind. It happens. It makes you human.

Anonymous said...

Maxine should bite you in the butt the next time she sees you! ! ! !

Then she should enjoy a Jumbone before Christmas and hmmm! how about another one after the holiday.

Of course dumbassery should turn into friendassery when you do something sweet for Sparrow to attone for "errors of the way"

My---you are distracted---but help is on the way. Today is Friday !

For a change my days are going along smoothly. Somethings gotta give----it ain't normal.

Enjoy and watch your butt

My,, you are distracted------help is on the way---today is Friday---

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hugs. This week has sucked rocks all over.

It will pass.