Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday wonderfulness

I had a lovely day today (mostly). Spent the morning with my HS friends, and their kids, including the lovely and adorable 2 week old new addition. Then, unfortunately, we went to my old roommate's grandfather's wake, which was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was great to see his family, and also his wife's family (with whom I grew up, actually). And then I had dinner with my friends from medical school, including my one friend's two small children, who were awesome. I just hope I can sleep tonight, what with this loud ticking of my biological clock after all that people-under-4 exposure....

But, alas, I need to get up early tomorrow, which means I need to get my ass to bed. So, to keep from making it a total misuse of blog space, I'll give you this, which is Caitlyn Crosby's song, Imperfect is the New Perfect, which I dug up for a FB post and, frankly, might be one of my favorite songs ever. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

But "new perfect" can become boring----become lazy---become conceited----become like a animated doll-----pretty tune tho

"Looks" become deceiving-----because New Perfect is in the heart and soul.

Round out "outside looks and inside looks" and WOW! what a gal!

The "perfect" time in your life has not arrived yet! Just think what is waiting for you "out there"

Are you leaving already?????
Thought you would have one more "knit knight" with the gals.

Enjoy and be careful if going home.Carol