Friday, December 18, 2009

Love Thursday, practicum

Sorry I never got a post up yesterday. There was just a whole lot...badness at work, family stuff, one of the skinny ladies fell and cracked her noggin...I didn't leave the office until almost 7 and I didn't get home until well after nine and then had to eat and finish (write) the H&P for the admission I did yesterday morning and the system kept booting me off.

But, also, I had someone very important to meet between leaving the office and leaving the hospital.

So, this is the latest addition to our department family. He arrived Wednesday, along with his little brother (they're one minute apart), who was unavailable for pictures but who is also doing just fine. Fell solidly in love with this little guy. Can't wait to meet his brother.

I also have a new niece to meet when I go home. And within our department, counting these two and the other baby who was born yesterday, we have 11 babies due in the next six months.

Just awesome. And totally adorable.


Anonymous said...

Aw! he looks like a keeper and along with his brother- - - - -

babies abound in your neighborhood

as I said once before---I like babies ( of course I do) but I can hardly wait until they get to be "little people"! ! !

Enjoy----and Santa is watching you

J said...

I think there ought to be signs up in your department "Don't Drink the Water! Unless you WANT to be Pregnant, that is!"