Thursday, February 04, 2010


It's been a long ass day. But not a bad one.

Work was long. And chaotic. But I only have six more days on the crisis unit.

We went out for dinner after work - it was Mikaela's birthday today, so she and I and Scott and Wren (the small but motley crew we could cobble together at the last minute) went out, and Peng joined us later. It was lovely. There was a lot of laughing. Then I had class #2 of my mindfulness course, which was...I dunno. I'm finding it to be kind of disappointing, but I'm sure it will perk up soon. And one of my previous classmates has joined our group, which is pleasant. After class, though, in a remarkable joint display of poor judgment, I ended up standing in the parking lot talking with a classmate of mine for two hours in the 38 degree weather. At one point he looks down and says, "My toes are frozen." I said, "Yeah, we should go." So we walked ten feet down the parking lot and then talked for probably another 45 minutes.

Y'all, I'm cold.

And I need to go to bed. Because morning does come awfully early around these parts....

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Anonymous said...

We all fit into that category of talking----yeah I gotta go-----oh yeah did you know blah blah blah
and the time goes as it waits for no one.

That is why when I visit a relative or old friend---I say to them I MUST LEAVE at a certain time.

Hehehe that TIME is about 1/2 hour EARLIER than needs to be ---for the extra yaking!----I know will occur.

But a COLD COLD parking lot. Geeez!

enjoy--tomorrow it is the weekend