Monday, February 22, 2010


I am wiped. Out.

So, we're still in SC. My dad got himself admitted to the hospital this am (not near the ER that's five minutes away, but to the main hospital which is a half hour north).

He's feeling better - has stopped puking, is eating and getting some fluids IV, generally doing better - but my mom and I have had one hell of a long day.

I tried to take a nap this afternoon. I think it made things worse.

I think I need a few days off to recover from this "vacation," yo.....


penguinshrink said...


Anonymous said...

Wiped out! Wrung!

How about "wrung out the excess stuff" and "wiped up" the mess.

and on with encouraging Dad to get better, helping Mom, and coping yourself.

Optimistic Olga has spoken.
Today is Tuesday and will be better. Sending wishes to get back home soon.

Enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...


Valerie said...

I hope things get better and I am sending good vibes your way.