Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're not so good at this "vacation" thing.

So, day one of beach vacation wasn't a total failure.

We all made it up for the sunrise this morning. It was awesome. I took way too many pictures (duh).

Then the folks and I putzed a little, finally made it out the door, couldn't find the IHOP, finally found the IHOP, etc. I resisted the pull of the New York Cheesecake Pancakes. All was well, except my dad kept looking more and more pale. Which, okay, fluorescent lighting isn't flattering to anyone. But he finally says, somewhat nonchalantly, "I think my blood pressure must be low."

Which it was.

There was some calm, quiet arguing about whether or not to call EMS, but once I recruited the waitress onto my side (when she happened to walk up to the table, ask if things were okay, and agree with me), it was a done deal. So we got to meet the very nice people North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad as well as the strapping young fellows from Horry County EMS. And as a bonus, the fine people of Seaside Medical Center (or Seafront? Seaview? No! Wait! Seacoast) were very pleasant as well, there in their giant 8-bed trauma center. Which was, also, pretty new, strangely high tech, and very charming. Or, at least quaint.

Dad got a liter of fluid, and his blood pressure came up a little. The doc suggested some med adjustments but released him into our care. He spent the afternoon being a little woozy, but, woozy in front of a picture window resplendent with panoramic ocean-front views. Dinner perked him up and he's actually looking quite chipper right now.

My mother and I are a little worn out, though.

But generally, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I cast on a new baby blanket (#5 of the season. Thanks to Carol for the pattern rec). Mom and I went to the BiLow. We overcooked a frozen pizza or two and I took a very long sunset walk on the beach.

I love the ocean. I think I've been ocean deficient since I got back from Hawaii. I think I must've been a mermaid in a previous life.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Kate------This Monday morning---I hope is a good day for Dad, Mom and you. Getting sick in a far away place is SCARRY.

Oceans and their waves are restful----and I suspose that is why Mermaids always look so pleasant, relaxed, cool calm and collected.

Glad to hear you liked that pinwheel BB. Something different for a change with hhmmm No. 5.

Back home---or at work---family gone--
Enjoy Carol

Valerie said...

I am sorry that your father was not feeling well. I have found that sometimes the pressure of the plane combined with general travel anxiety can make people feel not well and meds need to be changed, as the atomshpere has changed from home to new place.

Hope he feels better soon.