Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like Pocahontas, but bluer

I had a lovely evening tonight. We went to an Indian restaurant in Durham to celebrate the February birthdays, which turned out to mean Tyler's (Mikaela has a bday this month, too, but she couldn't join us). The food was really good, the conversation and company were especially awesome, and we drew a good crowd. I think there were 17 of us, which was awesome.

In the course of dinner, we started talking about things and decided that we were going to the 10pm showing of Avatar in 3D. Six of us were going; two bailed at the last minute (like, after I'd already bought the tickets), so it ended up being me, Sonia, Bernie, and Liam. Which is a good bunch.

Ohh. It was awesome.

Wait, wait - who is this?

Right?? Totally looks like Sigourney Weaver (which it is. Well, sort of).

The effects were awesome. It was definitely worth seeing in 3D. But I'm kind of glad we opted for 3D and not IMAX 3D, because about halfway through I was so queasy I had to leave.

Seriously. I've never been carsick, airsick, seasick, ever, ever, ever in my entire life. I've been on some pretty rough flights and choppy seas. But, apparently, Pandora did me in.

I went back in after about 5 or so minutes, though, and watched the rest of the flick with my left eye closed. It was a great story, kinda predictable, but awesome. And the title is a criticism I've heard often, but frankly...I saw a lot of Hawaiian mythology in it, but it might be that I'm more familiar with that than the Amerind counterparts (and given that somehow the Na'vi speak English with a softly West African accent, there's probably some African allusion in there as well). It was visually stunning and outright epic; the attention to detail was incredible. But I really enjoyed the undercurrents of mysticism and various allegories that were woven subtly into the landscape of the story. I'm never sure if those are things I see or things that were actually intended, but I suppose it doesn't really matter. As someone whom I've since forgotten once said, what the reader sees in a novel is what matters, more than what the writer tells.

But, now it's 2am, and I'm getting up to go see tigers in the morning (more about that later), so maybe I'd best get to bed.....

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Anonymous said...

Well---the friends part was grand. The movie part was- - - -not my cup of tea! ! ! Public opinion has swayed me----to not want to see Avatar in any form. I know I probably am missing something great but for now---I will pass. Besides---truth be known we are not really movie goers.

But the Sigourney Weaver comparison cracked me up------hey---this gal has hair.! ! !

When I spent the day getting "squared away" with my cancer arrangements. The "wonderful Dr." sadly said at the end---"you know you will loose your hair". Thought a minute and said---"maybe somebody will pay me a million bucks to be bald like S. Weaver"!-----Silence for a second, then laughter----He grinned from ear to ear and for the next couple of years we got through it all.

What else could be done---but here I am 9 years later---still aggravating people.

Go Tigers----take camera---have fun----and WHY