Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Life lessons from a Tuesday

Here are ten things I learned (or, well, remembered) today, on this very ordinary Tuesday, in no particular order.

1. Good news comes sometimes when you least expect it.

2. Some good news is as simple as a canceled appointment.

3. Compatible neuroses make a powerful glue, but incompatible ones can cause a world of trouble.

4. Sometimes positive thinking works.

5. "No, no, anything but that" does not appear to be positive thinking.

6. Being a teenager sucks, and also rocks, which is part of why it sucks.

7. A good meal with a good friend can go a long way.

8. It's fascinating to watch the interplay of interpersonal and group dynamics, especially as the group shifts in a particular direction.

9. The male-female dyad is one of the most powerful and most complicated things about humanity.

10. Happiness really is a warm puppy.

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Anonymous said...

"My Tuesday" was very exciting---so will save my reply of ten good things for another day.

My Stitching group 11 of us----delivered 150 Kissing Pillows to Ft Campbell in Tenn ( an hour or so from me) to "our 152nd Brigade" as they are deploying to Afghanstan in two weeks. They were honored as we were to give them these tokens of love to represent their loved ones at home and away.

The Pillows are little red,white and blue stitched 'pillows' which say Love and are about 3 inches by 3 inches to put in their pocket or wherever. Their wives and kids get one too to remind them of their special soldier.

We did not have nearly enough for the whole Battalion but the Liason Gal has figured out a way to give them out as a doorprize on the night of orientation before they leave.

It was a very somber but exciting day for everyone.

We will continue to make more as the year continues.

Check your email for a picture.