Thursday, January 06, 2011


Sometimes known to people up No'th as chicken.

Had a fine day at work, save for a parking ticket (not an undeserved one, but still). I was apparently supposed to do the journal club today, but never got the email, so we didn't have lecture. And my supervisor left early, and then my 3pm patient canceled, so I had a huge block of time in the middle of my afternoon. It was odd. I spent a lot of time doing paperwork and playing on Facebook.

After dinner, Garth and his son Kevin and I had dinner. Apparently this is a Thursday evening tradition for them, and they invited the lot of us along, which turned out to just be me (Larry was supposed to come as well, but he decided to be lame got stuck at work). It was nice. We went to this Cajun place nearby, which is excellent. I had the yardbird basket, which is essentially chicken tenders. Not quite as good as the yardbird po'boy, but still mighty tasty. And the company was great. I don't think I've ever heard Kevin talk that much. Garth and I talked motorcycles a good portion of the time. Ginny showed up to show off her new haircut as I was leaving, so dropped Kevin off on my way home. We chatted a little, he was very polite and thanked me when we got to his house. Such a cute kid.

All in all, a good day (except for that parking ticket). And tomorrow's Friday! Can't beat that. 


Anonymous said...

Pleasant day for a Thursday (except Ticket)---

Hey, if you played around with F/B--did you see my pics of Ft Campbell?

Friday will be good too and then---and then--it is the weekend.

Wow! Enjoy Carol

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