Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now I have no excuse

(PS - Happy birthday, Robin! And a belated happy birthday to Brad.)

I fell asleep last night, way too early.

I have to start sleeping better, because sleeping more isn't helping. I still suck as a sleeper...

So we had a ice storm last night. I got up this morning and my entire apartment complex was coated with a sheet of glass. The driving was miserable getting out of my neighborhood, and I spent most of the drive wishing I had a job where I could call out. But I made it. Peng made it. Our intern made it. Our attending even made it (although he was two hours late).

My clinic this afternoon was fun - only one of my four patients showed up. She was one of two that came to the entire child clinic. And she was pretty entertaining (in a good way, not in that holy-wow-is-this-one-crazy kind of way).

It never ceases to amaze me down here - every year I've lived here there's been snow and ice. And yet we have no idea how to deal with snow and ice. It's a perpetual catastrophe. We have no equipment for it. Every year, people! Get a clue!!

Grump, grump, grump...

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Anonymous said...

I live in northwest Tenn----and the "powers to be' still do not get it about snow removal.

Once we went 55 miles one way to the city of Jackson which had a nice big mall--and great restaurant---it had snowed somewhat but we are Yankee's--started out and the MORE SOUTH we went less and less cars out from under carports or garages.


but not the video stores.How did anyone get to them? All on account of snow on the road.
They 'literaly hibernate'

Still that way---closed on Monday and Tuesday of THIS WEEK.

but it looks pretty----enjoy Carol