Monday, January 24, 2011

Tried and true

I had dinner at Shady Pines tonight, after taking my mom to the oncologist (she's good. He's happy. We see the surgeon in six weeks. Still planning to go before the tumor board). We had dinner with their usual dinner mates, Edna and Alan, as well as this couple that joins them fairly regularly, Ollie and Olivia. The latter, it turns out, have been married for a month less than my mother has been alive. I mean, my mom's not old, but in marriage years, that's a lot! Ollie has dementia. Olivia has really bad breast cancer. And yet they're still as sweet on each other as you can imagine. They're hilarious, actually - they "bicker" back and forth like nobody's business. I imagine they've been doing that since they were teenagers. And they're just a riot; they could seriously take that act on the road. Too funny.

Olivia and I were talking tonight about the cancer, and I was saying that she was holding up really well through the extensive chemo for the two different kinds of breast cancer that she has. And she was like, "Honey, what else could I do? Throwing a fit wasn't going to heal it. You just keep going."

I like that. And I'm really glad she and my mom are friends. I think she's going to be a great role model for my mom if her treatment comes to chemo and radiation.

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Anonymous said...

Olivia and her Ollie sound like real characters------and good friends in the Pines. Hope she 'helps' your Mom over the "hump"

Cancer: yeah it is a huge trouble maker in families of all ages, sizes and conditions----

When my Dr. told me I was going to loose all my hair and be bald---he paused then ( he did not know me as was new Dr) to wait for my response. Hm! Had already figured out before hand I had cancer of the breast and had already went through my "What If's" so simply said, "Maybe someone will pay me a Million Dollars to be bald like they did Signorney Weaver in her latest movie --at that time! ! Looked at me and laughed along with me.

As Oliva said, "What else could I do?" is great!

Speaking of 'humps' as you guys who work say---today is that day---so begin preparing for a great weekend.

enjoy carol