Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Delaying gratification

So I spent six and a half hours in the Selection Committee meeting today, where we helped decide the fate of the 100+ people that interviewed for 13 spots at our program. The other part of their fate, of course, is decided by them and the other programs that rank them. But it was such an interesting experience to sit in on the other side of that selection process at Big Blue. Alls I can say about the meeting itself are these two things: A, I'm really glad I'm not applying this year, because wow, do we have a strong applicant pool; and 2, I'm really glad they had cookies. But beyond that, it really made me think about what I looked like as an applicant. I'm a good doctor, and I was a good med student, but I was not the strongest candidate because of what happened at The Emerald Palace. I wondered about the discussion that happened when they ranked me. I wondered who objected, who went to bat for me, or if  that actually needed to happen. I thought about the years that have passed since then. I thought about what a different person I am...and the ways in which, for better or worse, I'm still the same.

I'm really glad they took a chance on me.


Danielle said...

I never told you this, but always thought it was grossly unfair that you had to pay such a huge price for being a 22 year old that left a job. It's so normal. We all leave things, sometimes on bad terms. For the rest of us, it's "oh well", Idk why it haunts people in your profession so much.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what your past history is on this topic today---but-----

"life" makes us do or not do things which later on we wonder about those 'things'.

We should only look back to 'adjust' decisions and move forward in the future years. And I too think I have changed, but in many ways am the same too.

Must find me a Dr. and ask if this is "human nature"?? ? ?

Competition is a great thing as it brings out the best in people. It is the incentitives that give everyone motivations. Those who did not make your 'program' still will be the 'best' as they will strive to improve themselves in the next steps of their life.

Enjoy keep warm Carol