Friday, May 21, 2010

Cute stuff

How cool is this?

No, wait - it's a cake. (Or in the revered words of Aunt Voula, Eine cakey, mourdi.) Now even that much cooler, isn't it? But - WAIT. The yarn balls? Rice Krispies treats (with fondant yarn on them). The basket is some sort of red velvet or oreo cake or something, I couldn't quite decipher it.

You should check out their whole gallery. Too bad they're off in NJ....there's a bunch of cake-appropriate occasions coming up and all....


Anonymous said...

How Sweet!!! Literally!!!

Clever too and all those other descriptive words.

Especially for knitters too.

Enjoy--cause hot weather is coming

Julie said...

That's fantastic! I think people who make these kinds of cakes are incredibly talented.

Hope things are going alright...enjoy your weekend!