Tuesday, May 04, 2010


So, to answer the "FAQ" (Hi, Carol), my dad is still in the hospital in Chicago. Mom and I are here in NC. We're hoping he can join us in the next few days. He's feeling pretty good, or at least that's what he tells me. We're not entirely sure why he hasn't gotten out yet, actually...

My mom and I went to dinner in the dining room tonight. It reminded me a lot of a college dining room, except with wait staff and table linens. It amused me, but I remembered what good times those were.

My mom isn't so thrilled with the idea of eating in a dining room. I'm hoping once they start meeting people, she'll enjoy it more. My stint at dorm life was brief but...

I kinda miss it, actually.


Anonymous said...

Gosh darnit----Dad "there"---and you gals at a "different there"----but hope he is feeling better and getting himself back in the swing of things.

It has been a rough time for Mom---massive health changes and living changes are a "little more " than an ordinary challenge when they happen at the same time.

Sometimes MORE than a person can handle---but as I said before Character Building---and once she gets the "lay of the land" she may add character to that dinning room and new "cruise mates"

Take care

Tiny Tyrant said...

Dang woman.

You're just all over the place, but hopefully you've let Mags know she hasn't been abandoned.

Love you.