Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have to say, I'm feeling fairly guilty.

There's been a fair amount of stuff going on, actually. Nothing ground breaking but stuff like a good night out with friends, a busy day at work, a funny dog story. Stuff I could be writing about that would be far more interesting and consequential that the drivel I've been drivelling lately.


I'm so tired these days. A, I think I'm getting sick, and 2, I have a full time job, you know? That whole residency thing. And then I've acquired this other job, running the Family Care Home (because, of course, I've been living at Shady Pines, taking care of the folks), which gives my parents the resources of Assisted Living while being able to pay only for Independent Living. Which isn't a bad deal for them. But it's starting to wear on me a bit. I love having the time to spend with them, but to go from being single, living alone in my own place with just me and my dog, to never having a moment alone between work and the FCH...it's a big change...and I'm exhausted.

So I'm feeling kind of guilty that I haven't been posting anything of substance lately, but, bear with me. This too will pass.


penguinshrink said...

You're feeling guilty that you have a desire to leave your parents alone for a while...

Anonymous said...

Guilt: a funny feeling which sometimes is warranted and other times it is not--combined with various life situations.. . . .

Not to worry--guilt, being sooooo busy with life happens to all of us-----acquaintances leave and friends remain.

They want to hear "the rest of the story or stories" as Paul Harvey would say!!!

Take care Carol