Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night

What a day today.

I got up ridiculously early. I putzed until such time that I could go to the coffee shop, where I pretended to "work" until people showed up and then I just hung out until 10 when I had to go join the gym. Which I did; I joined Ruthie's gym (and Wayne's gym. And Rene's gym. And Lizzie's gym. And Olga's gym. You get the idea).It's also Gomer's new gym, and I ran into him today. It was sort of funny, actually - the membership guy was like, oh, so you used to train with Gomer? Cool. So, you want a different trainer, then, right?

I couldn't decide what that said about me and what that said about Gomer...

So I joined, and then I worked out, which wasn't so hot today because I was exhausted. But I got it in, and then I came home and the home health nurse was here to see my dad. She was nice enough, and Maggie liked her. We watched some CSI on the DVR (translation: I napped like a rockstar for an hour), and then I got cleaned up and we went to dinner.

I'm thinking my Indian name these days should be, "Dines with Old People."

But then Ruthie and Jen and robin dragged me out for fro yo. And we sat out in front of the TCBY for like four hours and cut up and talked shop and talked not at all shop and laughed - a LOT. And it was such a wonderful break from Shady Pines. Or the rest of my life, for that matter. Just super. So needed. Oy...

Tomorrow, however, now needs to be more productive...

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Anonymous said...

Ah! That song comes to my mind---( what is left of it)

"Back in the saddle again"

For Kate, Dr. Kate, Maggie, Old People, gym, coffee shop and VIF'S--alias VERY IMPORTANT FRIENDS.

Enjoy Carol