Friday, June 03, 2011

Full circle

Tonight was the first in a series of graduation celebrations. Our chairman had all of us over for dinner, which was exactly how I started residency. It was a good time, full of stories, fond memories, and hearty laughs. I still really like my classmates, although there are personalities to which I gravitate more than others. The Pink Office was reunited. I got to see Sparrow for the first time in a while. And of course we had a lot more kids than the last time.

Funny how much things can change in the course of four short years.

And how many things haven't.

What a nice evening. 


Anonymous said...

Has it been four years already? Time flies for me---but perhaps you have struggled through some of those years---now gone.

What is next? Do you stay in the area? Know your folks are there so that is a silly question.

but congrats.
Enjoy Carol

Danielle said...

I am happy for u :)