Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saturday night

Five random things on my mind tonight....

1. It's my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom.

2. About a month ago I backed into some guy's car, and we're trying to settle without involving my insurance. We've spent part of the evening negotiating by email. He got a little snarky. The whole thing is summed up nicely in this quote, courtesy of Claudia (who's also given me some good advice about this): "Good tactical  move not calling him an asshat."

3. Wow I'm tired. And I have to be at the gym at 8am to work out and meet my trainer.

4. Tomorrow's going to be another busy day. Graduation party number two, you know, before the actual graduation next week.

5. Today was also Chicken Day. One of the local volunteer fire departments, to which a couple of my friends belong, does this big fundraiser every year where they spend all night cooking barbecue chicken. It's really good. And they rig up a drivethru at the firehouse, which just cracks me up (and is very convenient).

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Anonymous said...

Random thoughts-----No. 5--love the Chicken Day. Over here it is the Fish Day---with a little chicken for those of us who don't like 'this' kind of fish.

Purpose Thoughts:

Feels so good to have master bath (wallpaper removed, repainted,) followed by the bedroom being CLEANED, WASHED and oh Spic and Span smells so good. Now put back pics and the 'pretty things' and the purpose is complete.

Keep cool and have fun at those parties.

Enjoy Carol