Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I took my computer to work today, and promptly left it in my car. So I'm blogging from my's not as easy as I'd hoped. Like, I couldn't upload a picture for Wordless Wednesday. So you get some verbiage instead.

Today was really long. And ended it with a session with my personal trainer. Not so conducive to my usual bedtime.

Maggie had a good day. She got to play with the little dog across the way at Shady Pines. She and Pepper had a great old time together while she and my dad were on a walk. Pepper's very cute.

Well, that's enough typing on my tiny keyboard. Maybe we'll do Wordless Thursday this week...

Blogged from my iPhone.

(Just kidding. I added that.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Life is good----

Hey---How is Olga doing?

Enjoy Carol