Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot in Durham

It's hot in my house.

84 degrees, to be precise. Our air conditioner must've gone out today.

Bleh. Hopefully they'll fix it tomorrow. I called and left a "we're so hot!" voicemail on the maintenance line.


In less "bleh" news, I had a great weekend. My uncle and my cousin came in for graduation. Graduation itself was a pretty fun thing. Long, but fun. One of these days I'll write an actual post about the graduation ceremony, but I'm hot and I want to go to bed.

My uncle left Saturday and was definitely not here long enough. It was really good to see him - it's been over a year. I think he was a little anxious about seeing my mom sick, but I think he was pleased with her progress and all and all it was a very positive visit. My cousin stuck around until today. We had a great Sunday - breakfast out, coffee with the Villagers (including Misty's new puppy, who is so cute it might overload your brain), a jaunt around Raleigh, a visit to the State Hospital campus, a trip to the Harley Davidson store, and a stroll around the State Farmer's Market. We hung out with my parents a bit, and then had dinner at a place I'd not tried before, but with which I was really pretty impressed. She came to coffee again this morning to meet the AM crew. It was great to see her. She's been such a huge support for me.

Today was super productive. I got a lot done at work, including 53 minutes of actual psychiatry. But I also replaced my ID badge, did all my little hospital educational crap, got my motorcycle parking pass, re-joined the APA (my membership lapsed), filled out two separate applications for moonlighting, ate a little lunch, did a little therapy....

Not bad for a Monday.

Here's hoping I don't melt before Tuesday....

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Anonymous said...

HOT! HOT! HOT! ---wasn't there a song lyric like these words---but actions speak louder than words and HOT IS HOT Now hope it is repaired. DH was in Heating A/C business and there is/was nothing worse than a person whose Air Con was not working.

If a furnace breaks down, people are generally pretty reasonable, they will put a sweater on etc. But when the Air goes down---WATCH OUT---ANGER, FRUSTRATION, can't take anymore clothes off--it's illegal and they are mad as h----and want it fixed 'yesterday' style. Understand completely----as the wife and 'office worker' lisstening to their tirade.

Uncle and cousin's visit sounded like a great time. Then add your errands, etc make a complete weekend. On to 'life'

Enjoy Carol