Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's just good advice

So yesterday, one of my relatives starts yelling at me for (among other things) not putting my mother in the car and making her get a mammogram.

I....really, though? Have you MET my mother? I love her - dearly, and a lot - and that is how I can tell you, ain't no one going to make that happen except my mother.

All I can do from this is learn for my own well-being. And offer you all this piece of advice:

(I know Carol will back me up on this one)

Mom's doing pretty well. Still in the ICU, probably discharging tomorrow or Tuesday. We'll see. Dad's holding up. I'm really tired. Had dinner with the local crew tonight; my niece and nephews are too cute for words.


penguinshrink said...

Amen sista!

Anonymous said...

You bet I will back you and anyone else in SPADES, HEARTS, DIAMONDS AND a "Club" to knock some sense into everyone.

If I can be of "experience help" please ask---would be more than willing to share to build on the education of breast cancer---and my experiences. Research has done more and continues to work on it---so HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.

And KEEP HUMOR in your lives.!!! it helps. Trust me.

Take Care Carol

Valerie said...

Kate, if there is anything I can do please let me know.

Danielle said...

What asswipe told you that?

Tiny Tyrant said...

OMG Honey.

Hugs love you.

You and your parents are in my thougths. Scrat has Maggie covered for thoughts.