Thursday, April 29, 2010

The words to go along with that whole "wordless" thing

The pic is a cameraphone shot, today, of one of the two turkey vultures that are nesting on top of the hospital. Yes. Vultures. Living at a hospital. They keep circling the ICU tower. It's creepy.

In unrelated wordiness, happy belated 30th to Sparrow (it was the 20th), and 32nd to Matt (yesterday), Ruthie, and Corrina (both today). I'm lapsing on this whole birthday thing, so we'd better celebrate again extra hard when I return. Mazel tov.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vultures in a city! ! ! !

Turkeys in my back yard EVERYDAY but they are nice, cute,

Kind of reminds us of people. The Good ( is this case my turkeys) the Bad ( Vultures ) and Ugly (know anyone who fits this )

Humor of the day--

Are Mom and Dad "holding hands"in the hospital?

Take care and pick up the wishes