Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was frequently sucky.

My mom is fine. My dad is okay. There are other forces in my life acting up.

I choose to think that this is the test before something wonderful. Especially if I make it so.

Mom's doing great, actually. I'm almost afraid to jinx it. PT's hard on her, but she's making huge progress.

But the day ended well - I had coffee and a very restorative dinner with my cousin, and then a trip to Michael's where I bought cheap gigantic knitting needles for the gift basket I'm constructing for the staff (good for OT use) and a plastic canvas needlepoint for my mom. Then I came home and had a mug of hot cocoa and a chat with my dad, which was nice.

Three more days until we point the wagons East. Crazy.


Anonymous said...

Wagons Ho--------

PT and OT hard but necessary.

Dad doing his "job"

You---your test must be "character building " for that something wonderful.

Take care Carol
Like tne needlepoint idea for your Mom---and gift basket too.

Nicholas said...

Just don't forget to spit on the evil eye before you say your mom is doing well. It works. No jinx.