Sunday, April 18, 2010


(Which means, questions asked once. As opposed to FAQ.)

Carol left me some amusing questions in the comments to yesterday's post. And she's not wrong, I should probably give you guys a more substantial update...

She writes:

"But questions questions:


OH SHIT is the expletive of the "distinguished society of today" while F--- is that "other society"


First, let me say that I am saddened to know that I am not of distinguished society (I tend to be a minefield of F-bombs on a bad day), while my two year old nephew is. Alas...

(PS, watching Luke running around saying "oh, shit" like he has no clue what it means is even cuter than my mom's septuagenarian friend)

We're still in Chicago. Mom is tired, but good. She's working really hard. We're at the hospital where I did my med school training, so that's been a trip for me. They have a great rehab unit, though, and that's just awesome. My dad is also doing well. Struggling a little with the cold-warm-cold-warm nonsense that the weather here has been doing, but he's holding down the current fort while I'm foraging ahead towards the new homestead.

We're probably moving them down to NC this weekend. Mom has appointments with neurology and oncology a week from tomorrow, and we'd like to be there by then. We'll see what the rehab docs say tomorrow. I got my folks lined up in a great senior living resort apartment. They even got them into a handicapped accessible unit, or as my mom likes to call it, short person accessible (which will persist, even after she's walking and using her right hand well again). I'm hoping to get back to work for reals the following Wednesday.

Maggie is great. She's home, with our dogsitter, whom she adores. He reports she's as awesome as ever. Me, though? I miss my dog. I hope she doesn't think I've left her forever.

I'm trying to find me a new place to live, too, closer to the folks, which is incidentally closer to work as well (especially since I'll be at the big house like 80% of the time over the next few years, not 50%, as previously billed, due to some changes in the scheduling and responsibilities of the fellows). Cleo's mortgage guy is trying to work miracles for me. We'll see.

I was out until 1 last night, and didn't get to sleep until 3, and then of course had to get up at 6. I did get kind of a nap in this evening on the awesome napping couch. But I made it to the hospital in time for my mom's PT today. She did a great job. And we even took a walk before I left. My dad and my uncle washed his car today, in preparation to sell it before the big move. My dad's going to start packing up the house over the next few days, enough for us to pull off a scoop and run this weekend.

It's gonna be quite a week, y'all.

Bring it.

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Anonymous said...

S---D----F---this is third time I am trying to comment. Volcanic dust! ! !

No wonder you are tired! It is definitely allowed. And you can use any language you want----you are not old enough to be in the Distinguished Society yet. That time will come soon enough--in meantime Use it or Loose it as the saying goes.

PT is hard but should be rewarding for your Mom--and make you guys feel better too. Progress. Been there and done that with my Mom which also included the speech theraphy. Not fun--and I had two kids, DH and a job too to balance our lives. Did not quite turn out as hoped.

Now add selling stuff, packing up stuff, moving, and all those other details that need to be taken care of as well.But it sounds like the new Resort Apt might make all the difference for them and you. Hopefully the future will mean they will be "showing" the southerners some northern tricks as they readjust. Least ways---no snow and real real cold weather.

Then there is your "potential" move too. Sounds like when it is all put together--it should be a Win-Win situation.

Mags will love it and be glad to have you back home. After all "blood is thicker than water" and I am sure she misses you.

I have my fingers crossed you guys can pull off this major ajustment in your lives.

No more questions------for awhile! Teehee

Hang in there---Carol