Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh for Pete's sake

Apparently I'm now officially a day behind in my posting of things. Which is not because anything is going wrong - just that I keep coming home exhausted. I'd actually started a post yesterday that got interrupted, but I came home last night at midnight (from meeting Claudia for dinner, not from the hospital) and promptly fell the hell asleep.

I also haven't been sleeping super well. I sense some espresso in my future today.

I'm also on the phone with some pharmacy tech at Walgreen's, because of course I've extended my tour of duty and have now run out of my asthma meds. She's really being snarky and condescending. I forgot how rude Midwesterners can be, relative to the South. I mean, Southerners might be sweet as pie and then talk about you behind your back, but who cares if the pharmacy girl does that. I'll take pie, thanks.

I'll write something actual and meaningful today, I promise.

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