Sunday, April 04, 2010

The best laid plans...

We had a great day planned. It didn't work out so much.

So my mom's doctor called, because someone finally got around to reading her MRI three days later and was like, oh, hey, look at that shower of embolic-ness. Maybe we should do something about that. So her doc called my mom and was like, come on in. So we packed her up and I loaded my mom in the car and we went off to my old stomping grounds (where I went to med school). It was a significantly less pleasant day than we three had originally intended, but, my mom was a trooper, my dad hung in there, and I? Am tired.

The nurses were awesome, and the neurology resident who admitted her was very kind. He pulled me out and went through the MRI images with me. I'm actually starting to figure out that I'm better at reading these things these days. Which, sometimes (like today), might actually be a disadvantage. The MRI's not horrible, but it's also not okay...but I was really grateful he let me see it, and walked me through it. She's getting an MRA tonight, though, poor thing, so back in the scanner.

Keep thinking good thoughts.

Bleh. Did I mention I'm tired? My own brain is grinding along, and so, I think I'm going to take it to bed. But to brighten this dreary post up a little bit, I give cute dog. In a cute picture, seen through the lens of my friend Bill.

See, now, don't we all feel better? (Except now I'm worried about my mom AND I miss my dog. Whoops.) She's staring ever so intently at a crust of bread I later handed her, which she promptly dropped on the floor and walked away from. Silly dog. But so cute though...


Anonymous said...

Think Positive.


Allison said...

Hey. You and your folks are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that it helps :) Hang in there.

Tiny Tyrant said...

Um hugs sweetheart. I made the mistake of googling MRI, embolism and stroke together.

My thoughts are with you and your parents, and Scrat is sending happy hyper vibes to Miss Mags.

Huge hugs.