Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tales and Tails

So here's an interesting tidbit - this is my 990th published post on this blog. Blogger keeps track of all of these things, of course, but it turns out that I have 11 unpublished posts floating around, so it was like, hey, you've written 1000 posts! But, in fact, that particular milestone is another ten posts away.

I started reading through the things I didn't publish. A few were empty posts or earlier versions of things I ultimately did post, so those got deleted. A couple were rants I just never finished, snippets of interestingness, or stuff I meant to come back and address later. I think I should revisit a couple of those...

So I'm home, I think I mentioned. All is fairly well. My mom seems to be doing somewhat better. My dad is his usual self, if perhaps a bit more short of breath. I'm so glad I live in a time where I could just hop on a plane and be up here in a couple of hours; I think coming up was the right choice. Since the cat appears to already be out of the bag (mostly thanks to the Greek Aunties News Network), my mom seems to have had a small stroke last week. She's got a little facial droop on the right, but not any huge deficits. However, because her knees already suck (this is the curse of my family. Both sides. I should just get mine replaced now...) that mild bit of weakness on the right side is making walking a lot more difficult. So, we'll see. She seems to be doing better today, as I said. She's getting physical therapy, and had an MRI of her cabeza last night, the results of which we should get Monday or early next week. So we'll see. I'm trying not to let my doctor-y-ness make me too crazy with thinking about what else could be going on. She (who is never sick) is being a trooper. My dad (who is always sick) is hanging in there, too.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to take a nap all day. I think I'm going to give up and go to bed.

Oh! But first - check this out. It's a little blurb in Scientific American on doggie genetics and people genetics and what that implies for each. I always knew Mags and I were related.....

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